February 8, 2022

Blue Marble Geographics Releases Update to GeoCalc Online

The GeoCalc Online coordinate conversion tool is updated to include new object definitions from EPSG, and a new organizational ability to save commonly used or referenced objects as Favorites.

Hallowell, ME — February 8, 2022 — Blue Marble Geographics® (bluemarblegeo.com)  is pleased to announce an update to GeoCalc Online®, a web-hosted library of definitions and mathematical parameters, along with a Point-to-Point Calculator used for positioning and coordinate transformation.

The GeoCalc Online database is utilized by the Blue Marble solutions, Geographic Calculator®, and Global Mapper Pro®, including the software development kits, to update or augment any needed geodetic definition. Updated to EPSG v10.047 to include all new and altered objects, the importance of keeping GeoCalc Online up-to-date is imperative to maintaining the geodetic relevance of Blue Marble programs and your GIS data.

Increasing the meaning and usability of the GeoCalc Online Point-to-Point Calculator, users can save specific object definitions to a Favorites group making them easier to search for and select. Additionally, units for any coordinate reference system selected for use in the calculator can now be customized to support the format of the input and desired output coordinates. The Point-to-Point Calculator tool, which supports coordinate conversions along with forward and inverse calculations, now creates a comprehensive report for each calculation that can be viewed, saved, or printed.

“GeoCalc Online provides convenient web-based access to Blue Marble’s geodetic libraries and tools,” states Product Manager Jeffrey Hatzel. “This update furthers our users’ ability to perform tasks efficiently and accurately while continuing to provide access to the latest geodetic definitions available.”

As an online geodetic registry, not an installed program, GeoCalc Online is automatically updated for anyone who accesses the site. If you are interested in exploring and using GeoCalc Online in your work, visit www.geocalconline.com


As a leader in GIS and software development, Blue Marble Geographics® provides professional-grade tools to GIS users at every level. Founded in 1993, Blue Marble’s expertise spans the geospatial technology sector with a particular focus on coordinate conversion and management, lidar and photogrammetric point cloud processing, and user-driven product development. 

Blue Marble’s products include Geographic Calculator®, the industry standard for precise spatial data conversion and advanced coordinate system management; Global Mapper®, an all-in-one GIS application with a comprehensive array of data processing and analysis tools; and Global Mapper Pro®, a suite of advanced tools for optimizing workflow efficiency, and processing lidar and photogrammetric point clouds from drone-captured images. All of these desktop tools are also available as software developer toolkits and libraries.

For nearly three decades, Blue Marble’s products have been used and trusted by organizations around the globe — including government agencies, universities, and Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit: www.bluemarblegeo.com

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