September 20, 2022

Blue Marble Geographics releases Global Mapper Pro version 24 with a new Script Builder tool

Making workflow automation easier, Global Mapper Pro v24 includes a Script Builder tool to transform user interface workflows into sharable and executable scripts.

Hallowell, ME — September 20, 2022Blue Marble Geographics® is pleased to announce the release of Global Mapper Pro® v24. With new and improved tools, Global Mapper Pro v24 expands functionality with kriging analysis and more accessible workflow optimization through Global Mapper Script. 

Enhancing the functionality of the long-respected Global Mapper program, Global Mapper Pro provides a set of advanced tools for all GIS users. With terrain and point cloud analysis, Python script integration, and Pixels to Points for drone-collected image photogrammetry, Global Mapper Pro has become an essential tool throughout many industries.

With user experience in mind, a new Script Builder tool in Global Mapper Pro v24 makes it easier to automate workflows by transforming actions taken in the program’s user interface into Global Mapper Script from an easy to use record button. Additionally, integration between Global Mapper Pro and the iOS and Android Global Mapper Mobile app is improved by expanding the Mobile Data Management tool to include data review and merging from multiple map files.

Debuting in version 24 of Global Mapper Pro is a powerful Variography and Kriging analysis tool able to use lidar or vector point data to generate a kriged prediction layer. With fully customizable variogram options and theoretical model selection, this data-driven tool intelligently estimates values to fill gaps in datasets and reports calculated uncertainty values alongside kriged estimates for quality assurance. Continuing to improve methods for lidar data exploration, Global Mapper Pro v24 also contains Swath Separation Image creation in line with the USGS Base Lidar Specification allowing users to clearly report vertical offset between lidar swaths.

“This release of Global Mapper Pro has some exciting advancements in terms of workflow optimization, including recorded script building, GPU-acceleration of Pixels to Points, and a new tool for merging changes from Global Mapper Mobile field collected data.” Says Katrina Schweikert, Product Manager. “We are also introducing some powerful geostatistics tools with the new Variogram and Kriging tool, which can predict values based on patterns in the data and report the probability of those predictions. We continue adding lidar tools, including Swath Separation calculations.”

In each release of Global Mapper Pro, Blue Marble remains on the cutting edge of geospatial software development while providing an affordable suite of programs to expert and novice users alike. To learn more about all of the new features available in standard and Pro versions of Global Mapper v24, register and join us for a two-part webinar on Tuesday, October 4th, and Thursday, October 6th

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