Purchase a MangoMap Subscription


Global Mapper v21 or later required to create a MangoMap account

Business Subscription

  • Publish up to 20 maps with 4 GB of storage, plus:
  • Data editing (attributes & geometry)
  • Raster and WMS Support
  • Add your company logo
  • Customize the interface, color scheme, and layout
  • Use your own domain name
  • Password-protected maps
$950 US/year


Enterprise Subscription

  • Publish up to 40 maps with 8 GB of storage, plus:
  • Automated updates with Data Sync
  • Invite your team
  • Define team roles (Viewers, Editors & Admins)
  • Group-based permissions for fine-grained access control
  • Private map and data portal
  • Remove all Mango branding from your maps
  • Maptiks and Google Analytics
$1910 US/year


Agency Subscription

Publish up to 100 maps with 16 GB of storage, plus:
Everything included with Enterprise

Starting at $3830 US/year


For more information about MangoMap subscriptions contact sales@bluemarblegeo.com.


Subscriptions that are purchased through Blue Marble Geographics will allow users to access Global Mapper's MangoMap extension. Customers who purchase a license through MangoMap will not have access to the Global Mapper extension. Please contact geohelp@bluemarblegeo.com with any license related questions.

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