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Blue Marble Geographics® releases version 21.1 of Global Mapper® and the Lidar Module® Software Development Kits

Hallowell, Maine - March 11, 2020 - Blue Marble Geographics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 21.1 of the Global Mapper and Lidar Module Software Development Kits (SDK). The new releases incorporate many of the new features from the version 21.1 release of the desktop software including support for finding changes between point clouds, new cloud import and export functionality for public Amazon Web Service(AWS) buckets, and numerous speed improvements.

For nearly three decades, Blue Marble's affordable, user-friendly GIS software has been meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

The Global Mapper and Lidar Module SDKs enable developers to add the functionality of Global Mapper and the Lidar Module to their own applications and to create custom toolbars and extensions for the desktop version of Global Mapper.

"Software developers are increasingly integrating geospatial technology into their software projects," said Patrick Cunningham, Blue Marble Geographics President and CEO. "The release of the Global Mapper and Lidar Module SDKs provides superior tools for a wide variety of geospatial applications that are both affordable and easy to work with."

Additional enhancements to the Global Mapper SDK and Lidar Module SDK include the following:

Global Mapper SDK
  • Improved rendering speed when working with large raster/terrain layers (especially ECW) on multi-core computers
  • Significant speed improvements to viewshed calculation, especially on computers with a large number of cores
  • Support for 3D transformations of Lidar, 3D vector, and 3D model data via the SHIFT_LAYER script command
  • New method to create vector features from equal values in a raster with GM_GenerateAreasFromEqualValues
  • New cloud import and export functionality for accessing public Amazon Web Service (AWS) buckets, such as USGS Lidar data
  • New styling options for selected lidar points in the 3D View allowing both attribute coloring and selection state to be displayed
  • Improved raster transparency tool with the option to select multiple colors
  • Built-in access to Blackbeard Data Services online oil and gas data, providing pipeline, well, and lease information
Lidar Module SDK
  • Support for finding changes between point clouds (LIDAR_COMPARE script command)
  • Support for automatically fitting one point cloud to another (LIDAR_AUTO_FIT script command)
  • Improved point cloud generated by Pixels to Points process
  • Support for 3D transformations of Lidar, 3D vector, and 3D model data via the SHIFT_LAYER script command

For a complete list of features or to download the Global Mapper and Lidar Module SDK today, visit our website or contact


ABOUT BLUE MARBLE GEOGRAPHICS: Blue Marble Geographics® is a GIS and geodetic software company that provides cutting-edge yet accessible products designed for both novice and experienced geospatial professionals. Blue Marble's expertise spans a broad spectrum of the geospatial technology sector with a particular focus on coordinate conversion, Lidar and photogrammetric point cloud processing, geospatial software development kits, and user-driven product development.

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