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Global Mapper General Questions

Question: I received my USB dongle license, it isn't working - what do I do?


First, make sure that you have the proper version of Global Mapper or Geographic Calculator installed that your dongle is written for. If you're not sure of the version your dongle is for, please contact our sales department at

If you have the correct version installed, the next step would be to make sure you have the dongle drivers installed on the computer you're plugging the dongle into. These drivers can be downloaded from the link below:

HASP Drivers

Question: Are Global Mapper or Geographic Calculator supported on a remote desktop environment?


Remote desktop access is not available with a single user, single user floating, or dongle license. It is possible to use a network license to access Global Mapper via remote desktop. If you have further questions regarding licensing options please email

Question: I want to try Global Mapper and/or Geographic Calculator but not pay for a full license before testing, can I test the application before purchasing?


Yes, we offer trial licenses for both applications. For Global Mapper, evaluation licenses can be requested directly through the Global Mapper registration interface. When you start the application, it will open a registration dialogue. You can select the last option to 'Request a 2-Week Trial License' to automatically activate via the internet, or use the form to send in an email with the necessary information to receive a license via email.

For Geographic Calculator evaluation licenses can be requested directly through the Geographic Calculator application. On the computer that you wish the license to be written for, please open the Geographic Calculator application and go to Help > License Manager and click on the License Wizard button.

From the License Wizard dialogue you may procure an evaluation license by selecting the option 'Request Trial License via Internet' and click Next. On the next screen, you will need to fill out all of the required information (fields labeled in red). Once all required fields have been filled in, click Activate.

Question: I have many image tiles that I'm looking to create one large image from. How do I do that in Global Mapper?


First, load all the image tiles into Global Mapper. Then, go to File > Export > Raster and select the file type you want to have the exported image be in. Once exported, Global Mapper will export one large image from those individual tiles.

Question: How do I know what application, Global Mapper or Geographic Calculator, is best for my workflow?


You can read further details regarding both Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator from our website. Additionally, if you provide a quick summary of your intended workflow to our sales team at, they can point you to the best application for your workflow.

Question: How do I activate the LiDAR Module?


To register a module with an order number or a license file go to Help and select the Module/Extension License Manager... In the Extension/Add-In Module Manager window select the application or module being licensed and then click Register... to either apply a license file, enter the order number or to check out a license from a network server. To check out or borrow a license, your organization must have a network license for Global Mapper and the Module being registered.

Once the order number has been entered, or the license loaded, click the OK button.

Question: Why do distances calculated using projected coordinates in systems like Mercator not always match the actual ground distance as reported by the Measure Tool?


There are 2 different types of "meters" being used in this scenario. The Measure Tool always calculates accurate distances along the surface of the ellipsoid and is not affected by any distortion caused by a projection system, like Mercator.

When you use a projection system, like UTM or Mercator, it projects coordinates from the 3D surface of the earth to a 2D plane in some linear units (like meters). However, because any projection from an ellipsoidal surface to a 2D plane must have some sort of inaccuracies, the linear values reported in that system cannot be 100% accurate. For a projection like UTM the difference from ground truth is quite small so long as you are within or near the UTM zone. The Mercator projection on the other hand is quite accurate in the Y-direction Mercator meters relative to ground truth regardless of location, but the reported Mercator meters in the X direction will be significantly stretched as you get far from the equator, so that the reported distance in meters by using the Mercator projection will be several times greater than what the actual ground truth distance is. You can get the approximate degree of error in the Mercator meters X value by calculating 1 / cos( latitude ). At a latitude of 70N this means that each Mercator "meter" really corresponds to about 0.34 meters on the ground.

Question: Can I use Global Mapper on my Mac?


The Global Mapper desktop application is developed for use on a Windows PC. Blue Marble does not officially support the use of Windows emulators to run Global Mapper. Many Global Mapper users have had success licensing and using the Global Mapper application on a Windows emulator (such as Parallels) by configuring the emulator to produce a stable Machine ID. Depending on what processes and tools are used in the application, Global Mapper users who run the application on a machine with macOS may enjoy greater application stability using Apple's Boot Camp for Windows, which runs Windows as the native operating system.

If you have any questions about supported system configurations please contact Blue Marble Application support at


Additional Questions

Have a question not listed here? For technical assistance, submit a question to our support team. For general questions, contact us.