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Academic Licensing for Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator

Academic Licensing for Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator

Institutes of higher education in the U.S. and Canada will shortly be granted free access to the company's renowned GIS and geodetic software, Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator. Beginning on May 1st, 2017, colleges and universities will have an opportunity to deploy both applications for classroom teaching and hands-on lab instruction at no cost.

Blue Marble recognizes the important role academia plays in preparing today's students for tomorrow's workplace. As the geospatial sector continues its rapid evolution, it is critical that graduates have the skills and aptitude to maintain this momentum. Blue Marble's investment in GIS programs through this generous licensing policy is motivated by a desire to ensure that instruction on the fundamentals of science is not curtailed for budgetary reasons and that GIS technology is accessible for all students.

Over the last twenty years, Global Mapper has quietly gained a worldwide following among discerning GIS professionals, researchers, and teachers all of whom are drawn to the extensive data format support, raster and vector processing capabilities, powerful analysis tools, and perhaps most importantly, ease-of-use. Ideally suited for classroom and lab use, Global Mapper allows instructors to build a curriculum focusing on applied GIS rather than software instruction.

For students needing a comprehensive introduction to the field of geodesy or coordinate system management, there is no better tool than Geographic Calculator. Built on the foundation of the largest database of geodetic definitions and coordinate system parameters commercially available, this powerful software is designed to ensure accuracy and consistency in any geospatial data management process. During the calculation process, intuitive dialog boxes prompt the user for not only coordinate system selection, but datum, units, formats and datum transformation.

Blue Marble's academic licensing program allows the use of Global Mapper and the Geographic Calculator for instructional use only. Under the academic license, the use of the software for commercial or research purposes is strictly prohibited.

Academic Program Notifications

If you represent a higher education school in the U.S. or Canada, sign up for notifications below and we'll let you know when this program is launched in May and we start accepting applications.