March 16, 2021

Top New Features in The Global Mapper and Lidar Module Software Development Kits v22.1

Written by: Haley Brown, Technical Content Writer


Version 22.1 of the Global Mapper and Lidar Module Software Development Kits (SDK) are now available for download. These SDKs provide a way for developers to include much of the functionality of Global Mapper and the Lidar Module in their own applications or to add custom extensions to the standard installation of Global Mapper. This blog highlights the top features of the SDKs latest improvements:

Global Mapper SDK Highlights

  • Spatial Operations Enabled Through Script Command

Several new Spatial Operations have been added and can be called with the script command DEFINE_SPATIAL_OPERATION. These new vector analysis options include Intersection, Union, Difference, and Symmetrical Difference. Spatial Operations are used to compare area features in two layers and combine or cut them into new geometries in the output layer based on the selected operation. Spatial Predicate Operations have also been added, including Overlaps, Touches, Contains, Within, Equals, and Disjoints. These operations function by running a query to find features in a layer with a spatial relationship to features in a second layer.Map of intersects operation of trees in a utility corridor

Intersects operation showing which tree coverage area intersect in utility corridors

  • Support for New Formats

Version 22.1 of the Global Mapper SDK includes support for importing several new formats, including GEBCO 2020, SXF (Panorama GIS), EDIGEO, and GRT geoid undulation files. The continually expanding list of supported file formats ensures that the Global Mapper platform is fully interoperable with other applications.

  • Label Layer Script

A new GENERATE_LABEL_LAYER script command has been added to allow developers to create a new label layer from an existing layer. This feature is helpful for creating labels that can easily be edited independently from the original feature layer. 

Separate label layer

Separate labels layer created from already existing road shapefile

Lidar Module SDK Highlights

  • New Script Command for Building and Tree Classification

Developers can now classify buildings and trees within an unclassified point cloud using the Segmentation Method classification algorithm with the script LIDAR_CLASSIFY_GRAPH command. This classification is an alternative to the Gridded Method and more suited for points gathered in a 3D environment.

  • Additional Building Extraction Options with Scripting

Updates to the LIDAR_EXTRACT scripting command allow for buildings to be extracted using the Regularize option. This setting creates more realistic building footprints, walls, and planes that improve the building’s structure by applying 90-degree angles to the corners and parallel walls to opposite sides.

Building extraction with Regularize

Building extraction with the regularize option

Bring the functionality of the Global Mapper and Lidar Module SDKs to your own application today! To download a trial of the Global Mapper SDK, visit the Blue Marble Geographics website. For any questions or to request a trial of the Lidar Module SDK, please contact

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