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Installing, Licensing, and Upgrading Global Mapper

Question: I recently installed a new version of Global Mapper and my custom shaders, datums, and/or types from previous versions are not available.


You have to copy all of your custom*.txt files from the installation folder of your previous version to the application data folder for the new version of Global Mapper for them to be found. You can find the location of that folder on the Help->About dialog in the old version of the Global Mapper application that you wish to copy the custom .txt files from.

The custom*.txt files are usually in your previous version install folder in Program Files. In newer versions of Windows they are automatically stored in the AppData folder by Windows User name: (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\GlobalMapper). You can search your hard drive to find them and then copy them to the Global Mapper app data folder. The files will have names like custom_datums.txt, custom_shaders.txt, etc. and there may also be a CustomSymbols folder that you will want to copy.

Question: How do I fix an 'Error 1935' when trying to install Global Mapper?


This error is caused when the previous installation of some other software package corrupts the installation of some shared system libraries from Microsoft. Although there is not a single "silver-bullet" fix for this, the following works for many people:

Run 'sfc.exe /scannow' from a command prompt run as Administrator (click the link below for more thorough instructions).

There is also a hotfix from Microsoft at which may fix the issue.

If that doesn't help, you might want to try a manual installation which might get around the problem. To do that download the Global Mapper install files:

Extract the contents of the downloaded file into the appropriate folder (i.e. GlobalMapper16 for v16 or GlobalMapper17 for v17) under your Program Files folder, then create a link to the .exe file in the folder and see if you can run it successful. If so then the application is runnable.

If that doesn't help, contact Blue Marble Application Support at with information on the version of Global Mapper you are using, and what version of Windows you are using for additional troubleshooting steps.

Question: I have a Global Mapper USB dongle license and it isn't working, what do I do?


Dongle licenses are version specific. For example,, if your dongle license is for Global Mapper v16 and you have Global Mapper v17 installed on the workstation the USB dongle will not license the application. To upgrade a dongle license to the current, supported version of Global Mapper contact

If you have placed an order to upgrade your dongle license, and have not received order confirmation or license update instructions, or are receiving an error message when applying and update, please contact with your order number.

If this is a new dongle license, and you have never used a HASP USB dongle license on the machine, you may need to manually install the HASP drivers. On most systems these will install when the USB Dongle license is first plugged in. The HASP drivers are also available for download here:

Question: Is Global Mapper supported on remote desktop?


Remote desktop access is not supported with a single user machine locked or dongle license. It is possible to use a network license to access Global Mapper via remote desktop. For more information, contact

Question: Can I use Global Mapper on my Mac?


The Global Mapper desktop application is developed for use on a Windows PC. Blue Marble does not officially support the use of Windows emulators to run Global Mapper. Many Global Mapper users have had success licensing and using the Global Mapper application on a Windows emulator (such as Parallels) by configuring the emulator to produce a stable Machine ID. Depending on what processes and tools are used in the application, Global Mapper users who run the application on a machine with IOS may enjoy greater application stability using Apple's Boot Camp for Windows, which runs Windows as the native operating system.

If you have any questions about supported system configurations please contact Blue Marble Application support at

Question: How do I move my Global Mapper license from one computer to another?


To move a single user license from one machine to another, you will need to go through a license removal verification process on the old machine to free up an activation against your order before you can license another machine. In order to get the Global Mapper License Removal verification, open Global Mapper on the machine you wish to remove the license from.

Go to Help, and then select Release/Remove from the drop down menu. Once completed this action will replace the license file on that computer with a removal code, and copy this code to your computer's clip board - depending on your set up, the removal confirmation will be sent to Blue Marble licensing servers and you will then be able to use your order number to register the application on the new computer*.

To activate the license, enter your full order number (ie; 123456-ABCDEFG ) in the field at the top of the radio options and then click 'Register Me!' On the next screen fill out the registration information, and click 'Activate via Internet'. This will contact the Blue Marble license servers and automatically authorize your installation of Global Mapper and start the application.

*If the old computer is offline or the removal confirmation does not automatically complete for some reason, the removal code will be contained in a file named 'GlobalMapper.lic_removed' in the following directory location for most computers: C:\ProgramData\GlobalMapper\GlobalMapperXX. You can send the removal code or the 'GlobalMapper.lic_removed' file to

For more information on Global Mapper license types, and licensing support please see the Global Mapper Licensing Policy.