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Open Geospatial Consortium Associate Member iconBlue Marble Geographics supported a research initiative by the Spatial Data Quality Working Group of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Blue Marble Chief Technology Officer Victor Minor is Chair of the Coordinate Reference System Working Group. Blue Marble President Patrick Cunningham is Co-Chair of the Data Quality Working Group and a key member behind the initiative for a survey on Spatial Data Quality. The purpose of this survey was to attempt to establish how data quality can be both defined and communicated, using standards to help in the reuse of spatial data and in the creation and management of spatial data infrastructures.

The working group is attempting to develop a framework, or model, for quality assurance web services that will enable access and sharing of high quality geospatial information, improve data analysis and ultimately influence policy decisions. As a first step, the working group commissioned a survey to try and establish the best context and importance of Spatial Data Quality to the various stakeholders in the spatial data supply chain.

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