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Global Mapper Terrain Painting
Global Mapper Terrain Painting
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Global Mapper Eyedome Shading
Global Mapper Eyedome Shading
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Global Mapper 3D buildings with Lidar
Global Mapper 3D buildings with Lidar
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Global Mapper Terrain Cutaway
Global Mapper Terrain Cutaway

Global Mapper Overview

Global Mapper® is a cutting-edge GIS software application that provides both novice and experienced geospatial professionals with a comprehensive array of spatial data visualization, editing, analysis, and presentation tools, with access to an unparalleled list of data formats.

Global Mapper's intuitive user interface and logical layout help smooth the learning curve and ensure that users will be up-and-running in no time. Organizations of any size quickly see a significant return on investment brought about by efficient data processing, accurate map creation, and optimized spatial data management.

Developed for both GIS professionals and map enthusiasts, Global Mapper has all the functionality you need in a GIS software for a fraction of comparable products.

Equally well suited as a standalone spatial data management tool and as an integral component of an enterprise-wide GIS, Global Mapper is a must-have for anyone who works with maps or spatial data.

  • Low-cost and easy-to-use GIS
  • Supports more than 300 spatial data formats
  • Offers a complete suite of data creation and editing tools
  • Provides cutting-edge 3D visualization and analysis capability
  • Unmatched technical support

Extensive Format Support

Global Mapper is more than just a utility; it offers a surprisingly extensive collection of analysis and data processing tools in a truly affordable package. This remarkable application can read, write, and analyze almost all spatial data, provide support for virtually every known spatial file format, and direct access to common spatial databases.

Terrain Analysis and 3D Data Processing

With a particular emphasis on terrain and 3D data processing, Global Mapper's out-of-the-box analysis functions include view shed and line-of site modeling, watershed delineation, volume measurement and cut and fill optimization, raster calculation, customized gridding and terrain creation, contour generation, and much more. Complementing this core functionality, the optional Lidar Module provides a wide array of point cloud processing tools, including automatic point classification, feature extraction, and the powerful Pixels to Points tool for photogrammetric point cloud creation.

Vector and Raster Processing

Supplementing these powerful analysis tools, Global Mapper includes a complete suite of raster and vector data creation and editing functions offering everything from simple and intuitive drawing to image rectification and vectorization. The software also includes numerous attribute editing functions, intuitive data display, and thematic mapping capabilities.

Data Sharing

When the time comes to share map data, Global Mapper offers numerous options including eye-catching page layout and printing tools, geospatial PDF creation, and direct web publishing to MangoMap, an affordable and easy-to-use online map service.

Recent Developments in Global Mapper

Each release includes dozens of new and updated features and functions. Highlights of version 22 include:

  • New Eye Dome Lighting settings in the 3D viewer to help improve the visual display of vector and lidar data
  • A new tool for simplifying loaded meshes or TINs
  • A new Spatial Operations tool to find the intersection of two vector layers
  • A new Analysis menu option to find the overlap (both percentage and graphical) between two or more lidar, raster/image, and/or terrain layers
  • An update to the Raster Reclassify tool allows it to work with continuous data (terrain/slope, single bands of imagery)A new sweep selection tool for working with vector data in the 3D viewer
  • Dramatically faster rendering of tiled online sources, especially in 3D
  • Support for creating point, line, or area features from a list of coordinates in an MS Excel (.xls/.xlsx) file
  • A new Digitizer menu providing convenient access to all Digitizer functions
  • A tabular preview showing the first ten lines of an imported ASCII or Excel file
  • A new Raster Reclassification tool allowing users to reassign pixel palette index values and can be used to replace values, group values together, and reclassify values to a common scale.