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Global Mapper Mobile is a powerful iOS and Android application for viewing and collecting GIS data. It utilizes the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to provide situational awareness and locational intelligence for remote mapping projects.

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Redesigned interface

Redesigned interface
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GPS-based digitizing

GPS-based digitizing
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Measuring distance

Measuring distance
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Streaming Open Street Map data

Streaming Open Street Map data
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Online data services in the Pro version

Online data services in the Pro version
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Terrain data and vector contours

Terrain data and vector contours

Global Mapper Mobile Overview

About the Base Version of Global Mapper Mobile

A complement to the desktop application, Global Mapper, the free Mobile edition can display all of the supported vector, raster, and elevation data formats and offers a powerful and efficient data collection tool.

  • Provides field access to all GIS data
  • Delivers straightforward, GPS-based field data collection
  • Includes an array of digitizing or drawing tools
  • Supports the assignment of attribute data
  • Allows simple and efficient data deployment and return
  • Uses self-contained map storage and display - No data connection required
  • Offers picture point creation from geotagged photos
  • Includes online access to Open Street Map Data

What's New in Global Mapper Mobile Version 2.0

The second generation of Global Mapper Mobile includes new and improved functionality throughout the application:

  • Redesigned UI for easier access to features
  • Streaming Open Street Map data
  • A new Measure tool
  • Attribute searching
  • Streamlined data transfer using third-party cloud services (Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Several map projection options including Web Mercator and Lambert Conformal Conic
  • A new Pro edition of the app with numerous professional-grade tools
    • Extensive preconfigured streaming data sources
    • The ability to add custom streaming sources
    • Downloading of streamed data for offline use
    • GPS Averaging
    • Display of distance and bearing from current location to selected point
    • GeoPDF and GeoPackage support
    • And much more

Want to see Global Mapper Mobile in action? Download a free copy from the App Store or Google Play store today and upgrade to the Pro version at any time.

About Global Mapper Mobile Pro

Developed with today's mapping professionals in mind, the Pro version of Global Mapper Mobile supplements the functionality of the base version with an array of professional-grade tools including extensive preconfigured and customizable online data services; the option to save this streamed data for offline use; support for GeoPackage and GeoPDF files; advanced projection support; and much more.

Global Mapper Mobile Pro: Expanding the Reach of Field Operations

Global Mapper Mobile, along with Global Mapper desktop, provides a powerful and efficient utility for expanding the reach of an enterprise or organizational GIS to those who need it most: the field technicians or front-line operators who carry out the critical work of remote data collection and verification. Through its extensive format support and compatibility with all common spatial database formats, Global Mapper desktop serves as the stepping stone between a company's enterprise GIS infrastructure and its field operations. Global Mapper Mobile provides the indispensable maps-in-hand functionality for engineers, surveyors, wildlife managers, foresters, and anyone whose job requires access to data in remote locations.