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Global Mapper Mobile - Download for iOS or Android Today

Global Mapper Mobile is a powerful GIS data viewing and field data collection application for iOS and Android that utilizes the device's GPS capability to provide situational awareness and locational intelligence for remote mapping projects.

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Redesigned and easy-to-use interface of the Global Mapper Mobile app on an Android

Redesigned and easy-to-use interface
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Elevation data vector contours in the Global Mapper Mobile app on an Android

Elevation data with vector contours
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Digitizing and data collection tools in the Global Mapper Mobile app on an Android

Full suite of digitizing and data collection tools
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Vector data overlay with GPS tracking in the Global Mapper Mobile app on an Android

GPS tracking with vector data overlaid on imagery

Global Mapper Mobile Overview

A perfect complement to the desktop version of Global Mapper, the Mobile edition can display all of the supported vector, raster, and elevation data formats and offers a powerful and efficient data collection tool.

  • Provides field access to all of your GIS data
  • Offers straightforward, GPS-based field data collection
  • Includes an array of digitizing or drawing tools
  • Enables the assignment of attribute data
  • Allows simple and efficient data deployment and return
  • Uses self-contained map storage and display - No data connection required

On-Device Data Collection

Used in conjunction with the desktop version of Global Mapper, Global Mapper Mobile is capable of displaying over 250 formats of raster and vector spatial data without the need for a continual data connection. Data is transferred to the device via iTunes (iOS only) or email in the form of Global Mapper Mobile Package Files which efficiently compress multiple layers into a single file and allow large amounts of data to be stored and displayed.

On-device data collection is made simple and efficient with preconfigured collection parameters assigned using templates to the target layer before transferring the file from the desktop version of Global Mapper to the device. This ensures consistency and accuracy through the use of pick lists, required entries, etc.

Transfer Collected Data to the Desktop Version of Global Mapper

The transfer of data to and from the application is effectively handled using the File Sharing function in iTunes (iOS only) or via email. Using these simple procedures, Global Mapper Mobile Package (GMMP) files can be deployed to one or more compatible devices. On returning from the field, the modified files are quickly uploaded into the desktop version of Global Mapper where the data can be merged, edited, analyzed, and, if necessary, exported in one of dozens of supported formats or written into a spatial database.

Full Suite of Digitizing Tools

Beyond simply creating waypoints or track files, Global Mapper Mobile offers a full suite of digitizing tools for manually drawing lines, points, and polygons and for managing the attributes associated with these features. There is even an option to assign a photograph to a collected point and this association is retained when the field collected data is uploaded to the desktop software.

Expanding the Reach of Field Operations

Global Mapper Mobile, along with the desktop version of the software, provides a powerful and efficient utility for expanding the reach of an enterprise or organizational GIS to those who need it most: the field technicians or front line operators who carry out the critical work of remote data collection and verification. Through its extensive format support and compatibility with all common spatial database formats, Global Mapper serves as the stepping stone between your enterprise GIS infrastructure and your field operations.

Global Mapper Mobile is Free

Global Mapper Mobile is currently available at no cost from the Apple App Store and includes some sample datasets for evaluation. A version of Global Mapper Mobile is now available for Android. To transfer any additional data to or from the mobile app, you need to have a licensed copy of Global Mapper version 17.2 or later.