Global Mapper vs ArcGIS

GIS, only better

Global Mapper is an easy-to-use, robust, and genuinely affordable GIS application that combines a wide array of spatial data processing tools with access to an unparalleled variety of data formats.

Priced at $549, Global Mapper is almost entirely user-designed. Over the years, the software has been expanded by forward-thinking GIS professionals who recognize that there has to be a better and more affordable solution than ArcGIS.

Easy-to-Use & Intuitive Interface

From simple drag-and-drop importing to two-click contour generation, Global Mapper dispels the notion that GIS is a complex discipline. Within minutes of installing and registering the software, even the most inexperienced GIS novice can create a presentation-quality map, a feat that can take several semesters of college-level ArcGIS instruction to achieve.

Affordable & Fully Functional GIS

At $549 for a single-seat perpetual license, you receive a complete GIS data management suite in one application. No additional financial outlay is required.

Compare Global Mapper and ArcGIS


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Initial Cost $549 $1,500
Supports 300+ Formats extension required*
Terrain Creation extension required*
Contour Generation extension required*
Raster Calculation extension required*
Thematic Mapping
Image Rectification
GPS Tracking extension required*
Android and iOS app license required*
Watershed Analysis extension required*
View Shed Analysis extension required*
Map Publishing
Basic LiDAR Processing extension required*
3D Data Rendering extension required*
Final Cost $549 $9,700 - $12,200

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