Energy Tools and Features in Global Mapper

Global Mapper™ now includes all of the energy-focused features previously found in Global Energy Mapper®. Those features include the following:

  • Leverage the power of Geographic Calculator in Global Mapper. With a license of Geographic Calculator 2013 SP1 or higher, users can enable the use of the GeoCalc coordinate transformation library in Global Mapper. If Geographic Calculator is already installed on a user's machine, GeoCalc can be used for coordinate transformation in Global Mapper. Users can also work in Calculator to customize their GeoCalc for Global Mapper, setting custom settings in their default Calculator workspace. For example if a user wants to work with coordinate systems only in Canada they can set that up in Calculator and enable that in Global Mapper. Global Mapper will also have all the power of the GeoCalc datasource such as custom coordinate systems from Calculator, best fit datum transformations for engineering systems, unmatched coordinate transformation definitions, a direct connect to the online EPSG registry, dozens of Geoids and the ability to custom define an offset from a known Geoid right in the Global Mapper interface enabling powerful, precise coordinate transformation like never before. Network license installs of Global Mapper can also be managed by an administrator in Calculator to set company specific, approved transformations.

    GeoCalc Library within Global Mapper
    GeoCalc Library within Global Mapper

    Globe icon GeoCalc Library within Global Mapper

  • Streamlined access to your company's SpatialOnDemand subscription
  • Built-in Access to SpatialOnDemand imagery and base map sources
  • Built-in point types and symbols for the oil & gas industry

    Oil and Gas Infrastructure
    Oil and Gas Infrastructure

    Globe icon Oil and Gas Infrastructure

  • Feature Template (Pad Site) Placement Tool for working with a library of vector objects

    Well Pad
    Well Pad

    Globe icon Well Pad

  • The site pad placement tool in Global Mapper was designed in cooperation with Blue Marble Oil and Gas customers and partners. This tool leverages highly accurate terrain models and remote sensing data to lower the cost of field work for site pad placement for drilling and other engineering. With today's geospatial data such as LiDAR, energy companies can create sub-meter resolution terrain models of the ground in the interest area of drilling. Using the site pad tool, GIS analyts can conduct visual and geomatic analysis of the drill site to determine the optimal location on the surface for the pad. The site pad tool uses that terrain model to allow the GIS analyst to build a model of the pad site in Global Mapper. One of the main goals of our energy customers was to save cycles in the field by determining the optimal leveling of the area where the cut and fill volumes were equal. This means that construction crews would level the dirt in the area and not have to truck in or out excess fill. The site pad placement tool automatically calculates the cut and fill volumen, the break even height and other statistics and then creates a new surface model just for the pad itself at the correct elevation. The tool also has options for building slopes or terraces around the site to manage run off and other environmental requirements. When the GIS analyst is done with their model, they can paste those stats into their map legend, save off a geospatial pdf of the model and send that over to engineering for verification. All from the comfort of your office. Join the growing number of energy companies that are using this tool and saving time and money.

  • Cut and Fill Slope
    Cut and Fill Slope

    Globe icon Cut and Fill Slope

  • Feature editing and analysis tools for subdividing areas (useful in parcel mapping) and creating whisker lines (seismic survey applications)

  • Volumetric Calculations
    Volumetric Calculations

    Globe icon Volumetric Calculations

  • A Pile Volumes command allows quick measuring of the volumes of area features/piles when there is terrain loaded with the piles in the surface
  • Support for loading UKOOA P6/98 Seismic Binning Grid files