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Global Mapper Mobile


Global Mapper Mobile® is a powerful iOS and Android application for viewing and collecting GIS data. Utilizing the GPS capabilities of mobile devices, the app provides situational awareness and locational intelligence for remote mapping projects. A perfect complement to the desktop version of Global Mapper, the mobile edition provides maps-in-hand functionality for engineers, surveyors, wildlife managers, foresters, and anyone whose job requires access to spatial data in remote locations.
Global Mapper Mobile displays vector, raster, and elevation data layers that have been transferred from the desktop version of the software or streamed into the app from available online sources. It also provides tools for manual feature digitizing, GPS tracklog creation, and form-based attribute collection using pre-configured attributes and picklists.

Global Mapper Mobile has all the functionality you need to bring your GIS workflow to the field.

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What's new in Global Mapper Mobile (Free) Angle right

The standard version of Global Mapper Mobile is free of charge and provides an array of features and functions

  • New Raster Info tool to display pixel value for raster elevation or image data layer
  • Added digitizer trace mode for manual line feature creation
  • New option to record elevation for loaded terrain data to point features
  • Improved vector, raster, and terrain data render speeds
What's new in Global Mapper Mobile Pro Angle right

Developed with today’s mapping professionals in mind, the Pro version of Global Mapper Mobile supplements the functionality of the standard version with an array of professional-grade tools.

  • Support viewshed calculation from the current GPS location
  • Save the viewshed point and create the viewshed area as vector features in the map
  • Expanded volume calculation options to include pile volume and vertex elevation methods
  • Added support for Trimble GNSS devices

What version of Global Mapper Mobile is best for you?

Compare the Standard and Pro features to find out!

Global Mapper Mobile

Free version includes:

Android and iOS support
Vector, raster, and terrain data viewing with custom vector style support, raster transparency, and terrain hillshading
Simple layer display/control
Utilizes the device's GPS receiver for location
Form-based data collection (Enabled through Global Mapper desktop)
Digitizing/drawing functionality
Picture point creation from geotagged photos and field-captured photos
Attribute viewing, editing, and searching
Local map storage for offline accessibility
Online data streaming- Open Street Map only
Measure tool for horizontal map distance measurements
Raster Info tool to view terrain and image pixel value
Data transfer using third-party cloud services (Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and wireless data transfer with Global Mapper’s Mobile Data Management tool
Global Mapper Mobile Pro

Features unlocked with Pro

Online data streaming- OSM, Imagery and More
Advanced GPS support to connect to external high accuracy Bluetooth GPS devices (including RTK) from vendors such as Bad Elf and EOS, among others
Terrain shader selection/change within the app and water level display over terrain data
Address search geocoding tool
GPS Averaging for more accurate point collection
Display of distance and bearing from the current location to a selected point
Custom online data source options and download of streamed data for offline use
Option to add additional layers to the current map
GeoPackage import/export
GeoPDF import
Data reprojection support

Global Mapper Suite

Everything you need in GIS software
A comprehensive suite of GIS desktop and mobile applications as well as a software development kit with tools to satisfy the needs of a wide range of workflows.

Trusted by GIS professionals worldwide
Global Mapper® is a cutting-edge GIS software that provides both novice and experienced geospatial professionals with a comprehensive array of spatial data processing tools, with access to an unparalleled variety of data formats.

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Trusted by GIS professionals worldwide
Global Mapper Pro® expands upon the extensive functionality of the standard version of the application for those with advanced workflows. It includes all features available in the standard version plus lidar/point cloud creation, classification, and analysis; advanced image, terrain, and vector editing and analysis; and scripting support for workflow automation.

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Advanced GIS Software Development Kit
The Global Mapper Software Development Kit® (SDK) is a toolkit that provides access to much of the functionality of the desktop application from within an existing or custom-built application, allowing in-house developers to create a unique version of the software to meet their specific needs and requirements.

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