September 8, 2020

Global Mapper Maintenance and Support

Written by: Rachael Landry


Longtime users know that every purchase or upgrade of Global Mapper includes a year of technical and licensing support. This support, along with our Knowledge Basevideoswebinars, and self-guided training, allows users to explore and experience all Global Mapper has to offer. Our year-long Maintenance and Support Plan (M&S Plan) begins on the date payment is received, and it includes access to all version releases of the software within that 12-month period, allowing customers to utilize the most current version of Global Mapper.

The “Support” Part – The Blue Marble Tech Team is here for you

In addition to providing users access to the most current version of Global Mapper, the M&S Plan also includes the unparalleled technical and licensing support that Blue Marble is known for. Our technical team is ready to answer any questions you might have, from format support to complex workflow scenarios in a timely manner. However, it is important to highlight that technical support is not a substitute for training. Blue Marble offers many training solutions both in person and virtually, including a Global Mapper Certificate program.

Maintenance and Support Renewals and License Structure

The M&S Plan provides customers with the option to renew their support every year. Purchasing an M&S Plan is not obligatory, as Global Mappers license structure is perpetual, meaning that not renewing it will not affect your license. However, if your M&S Plan has expired, Blue Marble’s technical and licensing support teams may be unable to assist you if you require assistance.

Blue Marble strongly encourages you to stay up-to-date with your M&S Plan, so that you have access to the best software we have to offer. Staying current with your plan guarantees the highest level of software support and service, and that you are receiving the latest software fixes and enhancements.

In the coming weeks, Global Mapper 22 will be released. Make sure that you are eligible to use all the great features and enhancements the new release has to offer by contacting

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