What’s New in Geographic Calculator 2023 SP1?

Wed Nov 8, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

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Geographic Calculator expertly handles the complexities of geodesy that GIS users often overlook. As the world literally and figuratively moves, Geographic Calculator keeps up with it through periodic releases and updates to provide users with the latest and greatest tools for all geodetic transformations.

We encourage geodetic experts and novices, new and established Geographic Calculator users, and anyone interested in learning more about the program to join us in exploring the latest updates found in Geographic Calculator 2023 SP1, including:

> Added support for LAZ format read and write
> New four-parameter Helmert Transformation method in the Best Fit job
> Added Natural Resources Canada BYN transformation grid format support
> Support for the “New Zealand Deformation Model” dynamic datum transformations model
> Added a “Similarity Transformation” parametric transformation type to match the EPSG definition

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