Teaching the Fundamentals of GIS with Global Mapper

Wed Feb 9, 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

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As we kick off the 2022 GeoTalks Express series, we turn our attention to the classroom. Over the last decade, GIS has made significant inroads into an ever-widening range of academic disciplines resulting in an increased need for tools that are accessible to non-GIS specialists. As this hour-long overview of the key areas of the software will aptly illustrate, Global Mapper is ideally suited for this task. Incorporating an extensive collection of geospatial processing, analysis, and visualization tools, this all-in-one GIS application has become the go-to GIS software for countless teachers and faculty members throughout the world. To help facilitate the deployment of Global Mapper into the classroom, this presentation will also introduce the free and inexpensive software licensing options as well as the complementary Global Mapper academic labs and teaching resources.

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