GeoIgnite 2021 Workshop – Got a Drone – Now What? Mapping with your UAV using Global Mapper

Mon Apr 26, 2021
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM EST

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The use of drones or UAVs has expanded dramatically over the last few years and this technology is rapidly permeating a wide variety of professional disciplines and industries, including the broad field of GIS. Ideally suited for on-demand geospatial data collection, drones can effectively eliminate the logjam that is typical of traditional collection methods. A drone can be deployed quickly and inexpensively, and the resulting data can be processed immediately using readily accessible, off-the-shelf software. One such application is Global Mapper from Blue Marble Geographics, and in this workshop, we will use this innovative tool to demonstrate the process for transforming simple drone-collected photographs into a stunning three-dimensional reconstruction of a target area.

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