Conducting a suitability analysis for viticulture using Global Mapper

Wed Nov 17, 2021
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

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Suitability analysis is an assessment of the terrain and regional characteristics of an area to find locations that meet the criteria defined for a given purpose. This type of analysis is important when choosing a location for a new business, infrastructure, or crop cultivation. When scouting a new location for a vineyard, whether it be a backyard plot or a new commercial vineyard, the terrain characteristics, soil type, and general growing conditions need to be considered. While there are a seemingly infinite number of variables that can be considered when selecting a vineyard site, Global Mapper can be used to analyze terrain and other characteristics of the land for an initial suitability assessment. While the scenario demonstrated in this webinar assessed the suitability for viticulture, a suitability analysis for any agricultural product would likely begin with similar datasets and utilize the same tools in Global Mapper.


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