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Global Mapper Licensing Policy

Legacy Version and Authorization Policy

Global Mapper GIS desktop software has a variety of license types including single-user, dongle, network, and enterprise license agreement. Blue Marble will only authorize (license) new purchases within the same version or within one year of purchase. Customers with older purchases that require authorization to register and license Global Mapper will need to contact us directly. The re-authorization of licenses under an enterprise license agreement is dictated by the terms of that agreement. All other licenses are subject to the following policy:

If the software is version 13.2 or older, Blue Marble will not authorize or re-authorize the license under any circumstances. This policy is in place due to piracy and licensing vulnerabilities with licenses on those versions. There are no exceptions to this policy.

If the license is version 14 or higher and a single user license you are able to de-authorize and re-authorize the license yourself using the license manager. We allow users to re-authorize the single-user, machine-locked license to a different machine up to two times per year. If you need to re-authorize the license more than two times you will need to contact sales or technical support. If your license version is not the current release version we do not provide support for this process. Please be sure that a removal code, using the license removal tool, can be generated to verify a license has actually been de-authorized. This is required for all license moves that occur for legacy versions (v14 and up). Single user (machine-locked) licenses are not meant to be moved from machine to machine, if you need to move your license frequently Blue Marble offers dongle or network (floating) licenses for that purpose. Blue Marble offers a variety of discounted upgrade options and works to keep the cost of the software affordable as we do not charge annual maintenance fees and offer complimentary support for current versions. This allows us to keep the purchase price of Global Mapper low and affordable for all. For network licenses, which require manual assistance to reauthorize there is also a cap of two times per year beyond the initial installation. We strongly encourage customers to install the Global Mapper license on a server that will be stably maintained by appropriate personnel. Blue Marble is committed to keeping the cost of Global Mapper affordable. We ask that customers and partners work with us to provide secure, responsible, and easy access to Global Mapper.

Single User Floating License

"Single User Floating License" is a portable license that may be transferred to any one workstation that is running the Software in "Evaluation Mode". It may not be used concurrently or simultaneously between two workstations. The end-user must check-out and check-in the license via the license manager interface in Global Mapper. The end-user must remove and release the license file via the license manager interface in Global Mapper before authorizing a new workstation (PC).

Legacy Version Download Policy

Blue Marble Geographics is dedicated to customer service and to providing a reliable low cost GIS solution through Global Mapper. Unfortunately, due to piracy issues we can no longer leave legacy versions online for download. We highly encourage you to use the latest versions of our software when at all possible. Staying current provides us the opportunity to offer the highest level of software support and service, ensuring that you receive the most current fixes, enhancements and technology.

Dongle Replacement Policy

Blue Marble Geographics is not liable for, and does not refund for any damages or losses of any kind whatsoever resulting from loss of, or damage to, the USB dongle key. If after receiving the dongle, it is physically damaged to the point of being non-functional, contact us for support to verify that the dongle is, in fact, broken. If it is determined that the dongle is broken, we will provide you with a temporary single user, node-locked license while completing the investigation. You will need to return the dongle to Blue Marble at your expense. We will complete testing to verify that it is broken; a replacement dongle can be purchased for the cost of the physical dongle hardware, plus the cost of shipping to you.

We do provide store credit in some extreme situations; the following are NOT those circumstances:

  • The shipment was not received in a timely manner due to customs or address barriers.
  • The customer mistakenly placed the order for the wrong license type.
  • Theft of USB dongle key.
  • The software does not perform a specific feature that is not described in our marketing material or technical documentation.
  • After purchase, the software is deemed too "difficult" to use.

Blue Marble wants you to be successful with your purchase. The goal of these rules is to clarify some policies that are only in place to be fair and consistent.

Thank you for being a loyal customer, please feel free to contact us at, through our Submit A Question Form, or by phone (207) 622-4622/800-616-2725 for more information any time.

Last updated: December 2, 2014

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