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New Features in the Global Mapper™ SDK

Latest Changes

New in v18

Significant New Features

  • Improved 3D viewer, particularly in regards to LiDAR and raster/terrain display
  • New Lidar access methods for quickly reading and writing large LiDAR point clouds
  • Dramatically faster display and export of most raster/terrain formats, especially with large amounts of loaded data
  • Improved thread-safety of low-level raster/elevation layer access, making it possible to concurrently access and draw the same layers in multiple threads
  • Support for importing PDF files as vector layers
  • Support for importing and exporting OGC GeoPackage files

New in v17.2

Significant New Features

  • Significantly faster exports of multiple tiles to raster (image) and web formats
  • Support for pan sharpening color imagery using higher resolution panchromatic (grayscale) imagery
  • Added option to specify the DPI value when loading PDFs
  • Support for saving imagery layers within Global Mapper Package files in JPEG 2000 format, drastically reducing the file size
  • Faster import of text-based file formats

Advanced LiDAR Functionality

  • Significantly reduced the memory requirements and increased draw speeds for Lidar point clouds loaded from text-based formats

New in v17.1

Significant New Features

  • Added support for querying and changing Lidar classification info (name, color, groups) using the new GM_GetLidarClassInfo and GM_SetLidarClassInfo functions
  • Added support for loading text files with multiple coordinate pairs on a single line of the file, such as TINs in simple text and 2-point paths on a single line
  • Reduced load time for Lidar point clouds, GMP files in particular
  • Added 3D PDF export via the EXPORT_PDF3D script command (use GM_RunScript function)
  • Allow high bit depth JPEG2000 files to be exported from the 64-bit version of Global Mapper SDK.

New in v17

Significant New Features

  • Dramatic speed improvements for all data types but especially Lidar and 3D ranging from 40% to 10 times faster depending on number of cores and processing power
  • Support for using 3D point styles to render graphically pleasing objects like trees in 3D
  • Several new built-in online sources, including US National Map sources (w/ 1 foot color imagery source), World Navigation Charts (1:1M Scale ONC Charts), and Australian water sources
  • Updates to GPS Tracking, to support Glonass and Baidu NMEA positions, as well as new tracking functions to follow the live position more closely and orient the map to the GPS Heading
  • Export of 3D data formats, including PLY, OBJ, and Collada (DAE), and STL

Advanced LiDAR Functionality

  • Automatic classification and feature extraction for Power Lines
  • Automatic classification of high and low noise points
  • Calculation of basic rooftop statistics from point clouds

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