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Global Mapper LiDAR Module: Advanced point cloud processing - Download Now >

LiDAR Module vs. Global Mapper

Do I Need the LiDAR Module?

Coinciding with the rapidly expanding availability of LiDAR data, the new LiDAR Module supplements the standard version of Global Mapper with an array of powerful point cloud processing tools and superior terrain creation capability. This affordable add-on component exponentially increases the value of the software by providing the means to fully utilize significantly more points in any LiDAR dataset.

Software Comparison

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Read/Write Support for LAS/LAZ files
Support for working with over one billion points [64-bit only]
Elevation Grid Creation by Triangulated Irregular Network
Adjust LiDAR Point Elevations based on Ground Control
Elevation Grid Creation - Binning Terrain Model
Elevation Grid Creation - Binning Average Height Method
Elevation Grid Creation - Binning Surface Model Method
Easy Filtering for separating Point Classes
One-Button Point Cloud Colorization from Raster Imagery
One-Button Point Reclassification tools
Auto Ground Point Classification
Automatically classify Noise points from a raw LiDAR point cloud
Display of Lidar Points in Path Profile (Side-View)
Cross-Section Point selection/Editing tools (via Path Profile Tool)
Render Point Cloud by Elevation Shader
Render Point Cloud by RGB embedded in point cloud
Render Point Cloud by Intensity
Render Point Cloud by Classification
Render Point Cloud by Return Number
Render Point Cloud by Point Index
Render Point Cloud by Point Source ID
Render Point Cloud by Height Above Ground
Export LAS files using Height Above Ground
Ability to interactively change rendering method from Toolbar
Support for Leica PTS format
Ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts for reclassification
Search points by Height Above Ground
Ability to manually adjust elevations in entire point cloud
Scripting ability to calculate statistics for Point Cloud Data
Ability to transform point cloud coordinates (including rectification)
Ability to filter selected Lidar points by elevation/color range
Ability to reproject LiDAR point clouds
Ability to crop point clouds
Automatically classify building and tree points from a raw Lidar point cloud
Automatically classify power lines and other above-ground utility lines
Extract building outlines from classified Lidar point clouds
Extract tree points/areas from classified Lidar point clouds
Extract power lines from classified LiDAR point clouds
Custom 3D Digitizing and Feature Extraction
Export LiDAR points within elevation range
Filter points applied in gridding process
Create grid based on intensity rather than elevation
Create grid from heights above ground rather than elevation
Color Lidar point clouds by the difference in height between the first and last return
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