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Geographic Calculator 2016 SP2: When close isn't close enough. Ensure your geospatial data is accurate. Download Now >

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The Geographic Calculator has two types of licenses available; Subscription or Perpetual and is available as a single user, dongle or network license. For more information see below.

Geographic Calculator2016

Single User/Machine License Options

One Year Subscription

$999 US


$1499 US

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Legacy Version and Authorization Policy

Geographic Calculator 2016 is available in two convenient licensing options:

  1. A one year subscription (termed license, which you can renew annually) - this option is slightly less expensive, but is a limited time commitment perfect for project work.
  2. A fully functional perpetual (non-timeout) license - slightly more expensive, this traditional software model allows the user to retain the license perpetually with one purchase price.

For more information on the various license models and their renewal rates please contact for pricing questions.

Domestic Tax Exempt Orders Note: Blue Marble charges sales tax on orders per state and federal guidelines. If you are a US tax exempt entity please do not use our online ordering system but contact us directly for your order with proof of your tax exempt state at

Geographic Calculator2016

Network and Dongle Licenses

If you would like a quote on a network or dongle license, or are unsure what license type is best for your situation, please click the 'Request for Quote' button and enter the number of users, departments and locations on the next page.

Network or Dongle License