July 26, 2022

What’s New in the Version 2.3 Global Mapper Mobile Pro?

Written by: Mackenzie Mills


Designed to work with Global Mapper to take data into the field for reference and data collection, the iOS and Android versions of the Global Mapper Mobile app have undergone many changes, including the introduction of the Pro Module in version 2.1. With the latest update to the mobile app, version 2.3, exciting, advanced features for enhanced GNSS use and analysis are now available with the Pro Module. Support for communication over TCP/IP expands access to any supported external GNSS devices, along with Bluetooth support for the Juniper Geode GNS3 and Garmin GLO GPS units. Pushing the Global Mapper Mobile Pro Module further is the introduction of two new analysis tools mirroring the functionality of the desktop Global Mapper program. With Volume Calculation and Viewshed analysis, a selected vector feature and loaded terrain data can be used to create a new layer or information report. Additionally, projection support has been expanded to include the common projection systems UTM and State Plane for mobile data reprojection.

TCP/IP GNSS Device Communication

Before version 2.3 of the Global Mapper Mobile Pro Module, the Advanced GPS tools only supported connection to an external GNSS device via Bluetooth. Connecting to external devices via Bluetooth is reliable but can require advanced permissions, which may be limiting in many situations. With a diverse market of available GNSS devices ready to be used by customers with Global Mapper Mobile, a new communication method was implemented, allowing GNSS device connection via TCP/IP communication.

The workflow to connect to a device using TCP/IP communication requires the IP configuration of the device through the Advanced GPS > IP Config option accessed through Global Mapper Mobile’s Main Menu. Here, information, including a name, hostname, and port, are specified for the new device, and the configuration is saved. Once set up, the GNSS device can be used in Global Mapper Mobile for more accurate GNSS-based positioning.

Accessed from the Main Menu > Advanced GPS tools, new GNSS devices can be connected to Global Mapper Mobile using TCP/IP communication.

New GNSS Hardware Support

Since the introduction of the Pro Module Advanced GPS functionality, the Global Mapper Mobile development and testing team has been working tirelessly to expand support for as many GNSS devices as possible. With the version 2.3 update to the Global Mapper Mobile Pro Module, the new Juniper Geode GNS3 device has been fully tested, and the Garmin GLO Bluetooth devices are now able to be connected and used with Global Mapper Mobile.

Volume Calculation (Cut and Fill)

Smartphones and tablets have become much more advanced and powerful in recent years. In the Global Mapper Mobile Pro Module version 2.3, terrain analysis is introduced to the mobile app for the first time to take advantage of these hardware improvements. Volume Calculation based on a selected area feature and loaded terrain layer can now be calculated and saved as a report in Global Mapper Mobile.

Cut and Fill volume calculation is executed using a selected area, loaded terrain layer, and user input elevation value.

Using an area feature selected with the Digitizer editing tool, the Volume (Cut and Fill) too can be selected from the mobile toolbox. A user input elevation for the area feature, or ideal surface elevation, is entered, and the volume difference from the entered elevation to the terrain surface is calculated. Calculated values are displayed on the screen and can be saved as a text report to export from Global Mapper Mobile.

Viewshed Analysis

Adding another tool to the Global Mapper Mobile Pro Module toolbox is the ability to conduct a single-point viewshed analysis. Using a point feature created in Global Mapper Mobile or a point previously existing in a loaded map, a viewshed can now be executed, resulting in a new raster layer showing visible or hidden terrain areas.

Using a selected point feature as the transmission point, the viewshed over loaded terrain can be calculated and displayed as a raster layer.

Requiring a selected point feature for the transmitter location and loaded terrain data, the viewshed analysis setup mimics the Global Mapper desktop tool. Settings include the transmitter and receiver height relative to the ground, the view radius, and the start and swept angles to specify the analysis area bounds. When the analysis is complete, a new layer displays on the map showing the visible or hidden areas.

Support for UTM and SPCS Projections

Reprojection of data in the Global Mapper Mobile Pro Module was introduced in version 2.0. This support is expanded in version 2.3 of the mobile app to include native Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) projection support. These commonly used, more localized projected systems work well to display data in a smaller area, as is congruent with the typical data extent displayed in the Global Mapper Mobile app. With access through Configuration in the app, the UTM or SPCS zone can be selected, and the map display will update to reflect the newly selected system.

New Projection Options found in Configuration allow users to select from a few options, including UTM and SPCS projections.

While Global Mapper Mobile is available as a free download for both iOS and Android operating systems, the addition of the subscription-based Pro Module adds incredible value to the app through the suite of advanced tools. With external device Advanced GPS support for increased accuracy in data collection, additional online source availability, expanded projection support, and now, built-in analysis tools Global Mapper Mobile with the Pro Module completes the Global Mapper set of geospatial data creation, collection, and analysis tools.

To test out Global Mapper Mobile, download the free app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store today! To purchase the Pro Module, or if you have any questions, please contact us

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