February 8, 2022

What is GeoCalc Online?

Written by: Mackenzie Mills


Best known for the desktop GIS and geodetic programs, Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator, Blue Marble Geographics has just updated its web-hosted application, GeoCalc Online. Functioning as a library of geodetic definitions with a built-in coordinate conversion and calculation tool, GeoCalc Online can be used through any web browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

GeoCalc Online functions as a standalone web application but is also a valued part of the system of Blue Marble programs. It contains a comprehensive library of geodetic definitions, which can be searched, viewed, shared, and exported. The fully updated, geodetic registry hosted on GeoCalc Online is used by Blue Marble’s programs, including the software development kits (SDKs) to download and augment any needed geodetic definition.

Exploring GeoCalc Online, geodetic definitions can be searched for by coordinate location, EPSG code, names, or other identifiers. With options to filter the search by object type and the search results categorized by type, finding and viewing coordinate systems or transformations in GeoCalc Online is intuitive. From the populated search results, object definitions can be viewed in additional browser tabs, and if you are logged in with your Blue Marble account, objects can be downloaded in various common formats or added to your user account Favorites list. The Favorites list function in GeoCalc Online is newly implemented, making it easier to find and return to commonly used coordinate systems.

Grouped in dropdown sections by type, search results can be viewed, downloaded, or added to favorites with the Action button.

Akin to the Interactive Conversion Job in Geographic Calculator, the Point-to-Point Calculator tool in GeoCalc Online supports coordinate conversions as well as forward and inverse calculations. Adding source and target coordinate systems from a search or by browsing the online datasource, perhaps looking at your saved Favorites list, the calculation can be fully customized for your coordinates and desired output. 

Entering a set of coordinates and selecting the correct system units and coordinate format, the Point-to-Point Calculator makes it easy to compute a coordinate conversion anywhere.

When a Point-to-Point Calculation is complete, regardless of the type, the values can be easily copied from the output coordinate fields and a comprehensive report noting all the values and parameters used in the calculation can be viewed in a new browser tab. The creation of a calculation report detailing the transformation or calculation method along with the input and output coordinate values allows for easy sharing of a coordinate conversion to others whether or not they use GeoCalc Online. 

Opened in a new tab, a Point-to-Point Calculation result can be saved or printed for project reference.

Suited for both mobile and desktop web-browsers, GeoCalc online can be used in the office for object reference and quick conversion or in the field with Global Mapper Mobile. If you are interested in exploring and using GeoCalc Online, visit www.GeoCalcOnline.com, or contact us for more information!

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