October 3, 2023

Top New Features in Global Mapper SDK v25

Written by: Amanda Lind


Following the release of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro, the Global Mapper Software Developer Kit (SDK) is now available for download, bringing updated tools and resources to developers. The Global Mapper SDK, gives developers the ability to develop custom applications,  allowing much of the functionality of the Global Mapper desktop application to be used within their own applications. It is a standard Windows DLL and can be used with many programming languages on a Windows platform, including Visual C++, C#, and Python. Significant improvements include updated Global Mapper scripting support for Python 3.10, availability of NASA DEM as a new Online Data Source, significant improvements to Pixels-to-Points performance and reporting, and the ability to export attribute files directly to CSV.

Here are the top new features in Global Mapper SDK v25:

Added Scripting Support for Python 3.10

Existing support for the Global Mapper Python module was compatible with version 3.9 of Python, which is now a legacy version of Python. Version 25 of the SDK offers developers the ability to use the Global Mapper Python module in either Python 3.9 or 3.10. This update also includes added built-in libraries for Python 3.10 and retained 3.9 as an option for the Global Mapper installer. The installation of these libraries is required for performing Python scripting inside the Global Mapper desktop app.


Significant Improvements to Pixels-to-Points 

Pixels to Points is a photogrammetric processing tool within Global Mapper that creates photo-textured 3D models, orthoimages, and high-resolution point clouds via Structure from Motion (SFM) and Multi-View Stereovision. Using overlapping UAV-collected images, these generated data models can be used to measure terrain volume, asses structures, create detailed base maps, and more. Version 25 of the SDK improves the Pixels to Points tool with optimized processing, resulting in speed improvements of up to 50% for some projects.

Functional updates include added support for customizing the temp/working folder used for Pixels to Points operations. The output files have also received updates. The FLIGHT_DATE metadata value is now included in new cloud/mesh/image layers generated from the Pixels to Points process. Additionally, the Pixels to Points report, which is generated as a presentable summary, now includes a projection display and an overview of the image overlap report.

Added NASA DEM as a New Online Source

Global Mapper’s Online Data tool provides the ability to stream GIS data directly into your workspace. Expanding on the extensive list of available sources, NASA’s Digital Elevation Model imagery is now available as a built-in option. This new source can be loaded using the string “NASA DEM Elevation Data (1-arc-second Resolution SRTM / ASTER GDEM)” with the function GM_LoadOnlineLayer. Like many sources, this data is available for download externally, but the ability to directly stream data for your study area without leaving the software is always a welcome addition. This source has global coverage and was created to provide one-arcsecond resolution worldwide imagery with better clarity than existing SRTM DEM and ASTER GDEM sources. ANASA’s Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat)/Geoscience Laser Altimeter (GLAS) surface elevation measurements are also available in this data set. The full list of information on this new source is available on their website


New Flag to Allow Exporting CSV Files with Only Attribute Information

A new GM_VectorExportFlags_OnlyExportAttrs flag has been added for GM_Export_CSV to generate attribute data from a layer to an external tabular format. This option was generated to added to replicate the “Save to CSV” button from the attribute editor in the desktop version of Global Mapper. CSV and TXT files are readable by text editor applications like Notepad. They can also be imported as tables in applications like Microsoft Excel. This functionality provides yet another tool for users to use scripting to automate their familiar workflows.
Learn more about the exciting new functionality in the Global Mapper v25 SDK by requesting a 14-day trial by contacting sales@bluemarblegeo.com.

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