July 13, 2021

Top New Features in Global Mapper Mobile v2.2

Written by: Mackenzie Mills


Global Mapper Mobile allows users to easily bring their GIS into the field, expanding the reach of Global Mapper Mobile and its vast set of analysis, data creation, and visualization tools. The coming release of Global Mapper Mobile version 2.2 contains exciting improvements and new features that make it even more useful for field data reference and collection. 

Global Mapper Mobile is available as a free download from the iOS App Store and Google Play store. Version 2.2 features include:

  • An optional Compass Display can now be enabled in the Display Configuration settings. When enabled, a compass will be displayed on the map and orient to the bearing of the device being used. The default position of the compass will be in the top right corner of the map, but this position can be altered in the Display Configuration settings. 

  • The GPS Location Icon can now be changed from the default icon type. Options for the GPS Location icon include circles of different colors with a small arrow to indicate heading of the device. This option to alter the GPS Display can be found in the Display Configuration settings. 
  • Going along with the GPS and orientation display updates, the GPS location information displayed on screen now includes the elevation accuracy. Accuracy values for the horizontal coordinates, and now the elevation value when available from your device, will be noted in parentheses next to each value in the displayed GPS Info. 
  • Improvements to the dynamic GPS attributes recorded with new features have been made in the new version of the app. Horizontal and vertical accuracy, along with a timestamp attribute, can be recorded with new features created using a GPS create mode. 

The Pro Module of Global Mapper Mobile requires a yearly paid subscription, and grants access to many more advanced tools in the app. Exciting updates relating to Advanced GPS, a new Search tool, and new feature creation options are all available with the Pro Module of Global Mapper Mobile. 

  • Advanced GPS functionality now supports real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning with supported external GPS devices. A built-in NTRIP client allows connection to an NTRIP caster directly within Global Mapper Mobile or, if the user prefers, an external service can be used. RTK corrections will be applied to the reported GPS position with additional details available in the Advanced GPS Location information. 

  • Simple geocoding is now available in a new Search Address tool in Global Mapper Mobile. Available from the toolbox in the app, an address or location can be entered. If a result is located, a point feature can be created at the reported coordinate location. 
  • A new GPS create mode for Strike and Dip features can be found in the Point Create modes. By placing the device on a surface and tapping on the map a strike and dip feature will be recorded including automatically generated attributes for dip, dip azimuth, and strike azimuth. 

  • Simultaneous creation of features is now an option when recording an area or line feature using a GPS mode. Point features can now be added to the map to mark specific locations while continuing to record an area or line feature. 

Global Mapper Mobile is a great extension of the Global Mapper desktop application, and with the new features and continued improvements, Global Mapper Mobile is becoming essential to field exploration and data collection teams worldwide. 

If you are interested in Global Mapper Mobile, download the app for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play store. To purchase the Pro Module or for more information, contact us!


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