February 8, 2022

The Global Mapper Academic Programs

Written by: Mackenzie Mills


Mapmaking and GIS analysis have spread into many industries and fields of academic research. Gone are the days when GIS programs were utilized only by those studied in the discipline. Blue Marble Geographics is embracing and encouraging this change, and through the provision of GIS training and academic programs, is working to support the expansion and use of GIS across all fields of research.

With ongoing development goals that strive to make Global Mapper Pro as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, this all-in-one GIS application is ideal for teaching and learning the fundamentals of GIS. Beyond just creating the software, Blue Marble supports learning through a series of academic programs that include free or discounted licensing, along with a curriculum of lab exercises designed to streamline the teaching of the fundamental principles of GIS.

To facilitate the teaching of GIS using Global Mapper Pro or other Blue Marble applications, the Academic Licensing Program provides free access to institutes of higher education in the United States and Canada, with discounted licensing available worldwide. 

Recently updated to include all the latest tools in Global Mapper Pro, the exercises in the Global Mapper Academic Curriculum range from data importing and rectification to multi-step lidar data processing and terrain analysis workflows. Packaged with the required data, each lesson includes step-by-step instructions that help students learn and understand a wide variety of geospatial tools and concepts, followed by a self-driven exercise prompting students to apply their new knowledge to solve a problem or produce a map. With twelve labs making up the curriculum, instructors are encouraged to utilize any or all of these resources to help teach the principles of GIS.

If you would like to learn more about teaching or learning GIS with Global Mapper Pro, register for a free webinar entitled Teaching the Fundamentals of GIS with Global Mapper to watch live tomorrow, February 9th at 10 EST, or view the recorded session at a later date. Additional information on Blue Marble’s academic programs, including a curriculum outline, is available on the academic programs website.

If you are not a student or instructor but would like to learn how to improve GIS productivity and workflow efficiency, check out Blue Marble’s application-based GIS and geodesy classes.

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