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GIS Software Solutions

Screen capture of a software solution for Data Conversion

Data Conversion

The location of every point on the Earth surface can be described by a pair of geographical coordinates. Coordinate systems may differ, depending on the location of the map data on the Earth, and how the specific elements of the coordinate system are used.


Screen capture of a software solution for Software Development Kits

Software Development Kits

The unique thing about Blue Marble is that we are first and foremost a software company with particular expertise in geospatial data conversion. All of our software tools are available as software developer tool kits.


Screen capture of a software solution for Low Cost GIS

Low Cost GIS

Blue Marble has always been known for relatively low cost software and services. In today's economy it is important that there are options available to both new and expert GIS and survey professionals.


Screen capture of a software solution for Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Blue Marble training staff are available for both on-site or web based training for everything from geodesy to Global Mapper. Academic lab licensing and pricing are affordable and easy to implement.


Screen capture of a software solution for 3D Analysis

3D Analysis

3D analysis is quickly becoming the GIS technique du jour and rightly so. The proliferation of LiDAR data is such that highly accurate data can be collected in literally a fraction of the time by today's hardware, overwhelming the ability of most software to process the data. Blue Marble tools are uniquely positioned and optimized to address many if not all of your 3D data challenges.


Screen capture of a software solution for Coordinate Transformation

Coordinate Transformation

Geospatial mapping must include an accurate representation of the earth in order to provide accurate scientific information and sound decision making. Blue Marble's coordinate transformation software is known worldwide as the standard in accurate, powerful, and reliable whether it is the GeoCalc software developer toolkit or the Geographic Calculator.


Screen capture of a software solution for GPS


Blue Marble has been writing, selling and supporting GPS tracking solutions for almost twenty years. The Geographic Tracker and GeoTrack SDK are well known tools with users around the world.