Professional Services

Features of Our Professional Services

Professional Services should be an extension of your project team. Communication is the key to outsourcing any business project but in particular this applies to data projects and software development. Our team utilizes a collaborative project management approach that allows our customers to be involved in the design, delivery and sign off of all projects. This approach focuses on clearly defining project goals and deliverables to manage expectations of both the customer and the Blue Marble team. Each project can be expected to follow a similar outline as below:

  • Project Kick-off Meeting - involves all stake holders from line of business people to developers
  • Submission of Design Document - a jointly developed document by both the customer and Blue Marble to clearly manage project expectations
  • Timeline confirmation - follows the accepted design document to be as realistic as possible
  • Milestone acceptance points - depending on the type of project milestones may be defined that the client will need to sign off on
  • Draft deliverable - this can be a beta build, a first pass on the data, or other rough draft type of deliverable
  • Final Deliverable - the end point of the project