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Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Applications (GIGS) Consulting Services

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What is GIGS?

GIGS is the Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Applications checklist from the Joint Industry Project of the Americas Petroleum Survey Group (APSG) and Oil and Gas Provides (OGP) Geomatics Subcommittee. Participating companies include: ExxonMobil, Shell E&P, Devon Energy, BP, BHP Billiton, Marathon Oil Corp, Total E&P, Anadarko Petroleum, Chesapeake Energy, StatoilHydro, and Perenco.

Background of Project GIGS and Blue Marble's Involvement

There are three main areas of focus for GIGS with eight sub-areas. The main areas are Interface, Dataset, and Software Application Reviews. Blue Marble will review and test your software as an independent auditor following the GIGS procedures. The goals of GIGS consulting can be summarized as:

  • Geospatial integrity of geospatial data as presented and manipulated in your company's software
  • How to make certain the data processed by your software is complete, correct, consistent, and verifiable
  • Making certain your software properly manages coordinate datasets, geospatial metadata, coordinate operations, and terminology (ISO and EPSG) are the end deliverables

This is presented through a summary of the process as satisfaction of the requirements and recommendations of each section of GIGS. Not one software application alone will be compliant on all points, but clearly documenting what your software is compliant with, is the end result.


Reduction and potential elimination of geospatial integrity failures through:

  1. Improving geospatial integrity of geoscience software manipulation of coordinates
  2. Maintaining geospatial integrity during transfer of data between applications or 'to' and 'from' data-stores, dbs, and personnel
  3. Educating users about the issues related to geospatial integrity and the risks of failure of data integrity
  4. Encouraging robust management of geospatial data in geoscience software applications
  5. Minimizing human errors when dealing with geospatial reference issues

Requirements = mandatory compliance
Recommendations = suggested

Note: The inability of a software program to perform a requirement does not equate to failure; the only failure is not knowing if the application does the requirement correctly.

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