Additional Sources of Geospatial Data

Intermap Technologies

Intermap Technologies provides geospatial professionals worldwide with reliable 3D digital elevation models (DEMs) that enable the timely and economical development of innovative solutions.

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Blackbeard Data

Blackbeard Data is a provider of Geospatial data for the oilfield. For over 20 years, Blackbeard Data has been a data skunkworks to discover new ways to create useful geospatial data that is otherwise unavailable. Noted for creating of software that uses AI and humans to automate the correction of millions of wellspots across North America, they now have a division that works with AI and satellite imagery. Based in Austin, Texas, Blackbeard Data is active in applying AI to solve new data challenges.

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The EarthOnDrive web site has opened allowing anyone to order geospatial data online on a hard drive. EarthOnDrive has completed all the downloading for you. Whether you are interested in USGS TOPO 1:24k scale maps, or 8,953 Landsat ETM7 Image Mosaics, or the complete digital elevation of the whole earth (XSAR SRTM), this site will provide you with unbeatable cost savings - by delivering the data on a disk. Check out

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USGS Map Store

The USGS Map Store site is the central repository for 100% free USGS DRGs (topographic maps) in GeoPDF® format. Use the easy interface to select the map areas to download, then load them right into Global Mapper (v11.00 or later is required for GeoPDF® support).



USDA:NRCS:Geospatial Data Gateway

The USDA:NRCS:Geospatial Data Gateway - The Geospatial Data Gateway or Geo-Data Gateway provides easy and consistent access to natural resource data for United States, including high-resolution recent color NAIP imagery. You can search for available data by geographic area such as county or state, use our point and click map tool to find your area of interest; using a gazetteer, or by entering latitude and longitude coordinates. You can also search for data by theme, such as digital ortho imagery, digital elevation models (DEMs), or soils. You can then view a thumbnail, or sample of the data you've chosen to know if you want a copy of the data. If you do, you can either download the data directly onto your machine, pick it up via our ftp site, or order it on media such as CD. Of course, all of this data is ABSOLUTELY FREE for download.



2009 Tiger/Line Shapefiles

The 2009 Tiger/Line Shapefiles page offers individual counties from the 2009 Tiger/Line vector data set for free download. This is an excellent source of detailed vector roadway data for the United States. Global Mapper v9.03 or later is needed to read in this data with automatic classification of features and addressing support.



NGA Digital Nautical Charts

The NGA Digital Nautical Charts site offers a large selection of marine charts in DNC format for free download. DNC charts can be viewed in Global Mapper v6.00 and above.




The MapAbility VMAP1 Downloads page provides a simpler alternative to the NGA Raster Roam site for obtaining VMAP level 1 data. All data available at this site can be loaded by Global Mapper v6.00 and above.



GIS Data Depot

The GIS Data Depot offers a wide variety of data, including 1:24K USGS DEM data for the US, 1:24K USGS DRGs (scanned topo maps), and a large selection of imagery and vector data products.



East View Geospatial

East View Geospatial is a leading provider of of authoritative worldwide maps, rare geospatial data and geographic information systems (GIS) services. Holdings include all types of geospatial data including vector & raster data, digital elevation models (DEM), satellite & aerial imagery, topographic maps, nautical & aeronautical charts, geological maps, bathymetric data and atlases.

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GeoBase Canada

GeoBase Canada provides a large assortment of FREE data for Canada, including Landsat-7 imagery, 1:50K and 1:250 CDED elevation data, a National Road database in Shapefile format, and the Canadian Geographic Names data set in Shapefile format.



UK Ordnance Survey

UK Ordnance Survey provides a large assortment of FREE data for the UK, including both raster and vector maps.



CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information

The CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information provides FREE 90-m (3 arc second) elevation data for the entire world! CGIAR-CSI created this data set based on the SRTM data set and then processed it to fill in voids. The data is also available through a Google Earth interface at



Satellite Geodesy

Satellite Geodesy provides FREE 30-arc-second elevation data with bathymetry for the entire world! The data was created based on the SRTM-30 data set, then holes were filled with GTOPO-30 data and bathymetry from various sources was used to replace the ocean areas. Just download the .srtm.gz files from the SRTM-30+ FTP link and load them directly into Global Mapper v6.07 and later.




MadMappers is the best site is the best source of mostly free raster, vector, and elevation data for Africa. If you need data for the African continent, check here first since they probably have it and you might be able to download it for free.



Natural Earth

Natural Earth is a public domain map dataset available at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110 million scales. Featuring tightly integrated vector and raster data, with Natural Earth you can make a variety of visually pleasing, well-crafted maps with cartography or GIS software.



International Bathymetric Chart of the Mediterranean (IBCM)

The International Bathymetric Chart of the Mediterranean (IBCM) bathymetric charts are available for download here.




eMapSite offers professionals the most comprehensive variety of UK data from the national mapping agency Ordnance Survey and other UK data suppliers. The wide variety of datasets includes national cover at 1:1,250 (OS MasterMap), Digital Terrain Models and LIDAR, Aerial Imagery, raster backdrop mapping at scales from 1:10K, 1:25K, 1:50K, 1:200K, 1:250K and other GIS datasets such as Addressing, Environmental, British Geological Survey and Points of Interest. Datasets are downloadable in minutes after ordering/licensing and are supplied in OSGB coordinates ready for loading into Global Mapper using the British projection. Global Mapper has been successfully adopted by many professionals in the Renewables Energy sector in the UK having been endorsed by eMapSite.

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Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC)

Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC) provides advanced remote sensing and image processing techniques for high resolution satellite imagery from satellite sensors such as QuickBird, IKONOS, SPOT, Landsat, ASTER for analysis and land mapping applications in support of Natural Resources, Cadastre, Construction and Engineering, 3D Urban and City Modeling, Disaster Management and Environmental Monitoring. SIC understands the need for impeccable accuracy and image quality and provide our customers with virtual terrain conditions and geospatial data.

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ImagePatch™ provides an affordable way to get Local, High Resolution Ortho Imagery. Orthophotos from 20 to 300 acre tile/sites are available in 3, 6 or 12 inch/pixel resolution. All Patches are custom flown, not cropped from an archive.

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eMap International

eMap International provides High Resolution Satellite & Aerial Imagery and US Parcel Maps. With a combined industry experience of over 60 years, the firms credentials include Certified Photogrammetrists, Certified Mapping Scientist, and Professional Land Surveyor, along with significant remote sensing expertise.

eMap International logo is a geospatial data provider for the UK including Northern Ireland with a broad range of datasets available for purchase and download. In addition to providing the key large scale datasets from Ordnance Survey GB and LPS (formerly Ordnance Survey) NI, we offer what we believe to be the broadest range of detailed suppliers for both aerial imagery and height data.

Imagery is available from the 1940s to present day at resolutions of up to 4cm.

Height (surface and terrain) data is available in grids of up to 25cm spacing and +/- 10cm accuracy. Such high detail datasets can result in significant file sizes which is where Global Mapper has proved to be an invaluable tool to many of our customers - even those with previous significant investment in 3D software tools.

Some of the most recent additions to the service include an online oblique imagery viewing and measuring tool for cities across Europe and also the provision of pre-built 3D city models.

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Rockford Map

Looking for the latest available parcel polygon data within the county? Rockford Map now offers this highly desirable spatial data for over 1500 counties throughout the United States in .shp and .kml formats. These GIS ready files contain a wealth of valuable data!

  • Parcel Boundaries, PINS, and related Attributes
  • Most up-to-date data available
  • Standardized structure for easy analysis
  • Use with Google Maps and Bing Maps for aerial and street views
  • Competitive one time purchase price no annual license fee!
  • Perfect for layering with other spatial data
  • Download your free sample today! (see below)

Most files are current within the past year. Attributes and data may vary by county. For more details, please contact Heather at 800-321-1MAP (1627) ext. 14.




Bluesky is a customer focused company dedicated to delivering first class, innovative geographic datasets and services at affordable prices. We maintain national United Kingdom aerial photography, height data, tree and vegetation mapping and our expertise also includes LiDAR and thermal airborne acquisition and photogrammetry. Bluesky have a catalogue of National aerial photography, fully available off-the-shelf covering the whole UK. All our photography is fully orthorectified, and is the most current, comprehensive, accurate and widely used data available. We are continually refreshing our coverage through our cyclic update program, giving our photography unparalleled currency.

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SafeGraph is a location data company focused on providing a deterministic view on where people go. The entire SafeGraph data panel is based on GPS data that's been derived from apps whose users are sharing anonymized background location data. As of November 2017, SafeGraph sees over 7.1% of all active phones in the US (and 1-2% of devices in every country) on a daily basis with an average interval of 15 minutes. SafeGraph also combines movement data with its best-in-class maps data in order to provide contextualized visits to over 15 million points of interest across the US. SafeGraph's customers are using its data to understand retail foot traffic, develop smarter cities, build proprietary audience and attribution products, and much more.

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