April 11, 2023

How to use Global Mapper’s new Mobile Data Viewer to inspect and compare data gathered in Global Mapper Mobile

Written by: Amanda Lind


Good news, everyone, we’ve added a viewer to the Mobile Data Management tool in Global Mapper! Getting data into Global Mapper is easy, and the Mobile Data Management tool provides more options. This blog will discuss merging collected Global Mapper Mobile data using the desktop’s Mobile Data Management tool with the new data viewer. For more information on exporting data from your desktop to the field, take a peek at this blog.

The new mobile data viewer, available in Global Mapper Pro 24.1, allows you to visually compare different data sets of the same area.

Global Mapper Mobile is an iOS and Android application that lets users take a slice of Global Mapper’s extensive processing and data management powers out into the field for reference and data collection. Over the last few version releases, Global Mapper has seen many improvements in the different ways data can be exchanged between the desktop and mobile applications. Users have always been able to export mobile package files to be transferred and opened on their mobile device in the app. The v23.1 release added the ability to transfer data between the desktop version and a mobile device via WiFi. Version 24 provided a way to review and merge files, and now version 24.1 has taken that a step further with the ability to visualize the data being merged in a viewer. 

How to determine which collected features to keep

When multiple users update the same dataset in the field, the files and data they create on their individual collection devices must be combined into one file. In Global Mapper desktop, the Mobile Data Management tool gives you the ability to directly compare two files of the same dataset and determine which specific features should be kept when merging the files. 

Importing Global Mapper Mobile package files (.gmmp)

There are multiple ways to import data collected via Global Mapper Mobile back into the desktop application. Mobile data files are saved as .gmmp files (global mapper mobile package files). Of course, these files can be opened directly in the desktop version just like any other file, but to use the merging capabilities, you will want to use the Mobile Data Management tool

Getting data into the Mobile Management tool is easy. You can load files that are saved to your desktop, or files that are already open in Global Mapper, or load directly from your mobile device when connected to the same wireless network. Use the Mobile Data Link tab to connect to a mobile device. For more information, consult the Knowledge Base or watch this video.

To merge a .gmmp file with data already loaded in Global Mapper, use the Merge with loaded data checkbox.

Comparing Data 

In the Mobile Management tool, you can load two files at a time to assess and decide which information should be kept in the final output. This could be comparing two field versions or a field version to an original. When the files are loaded, a full list of all layers contained in the datasets will be displayed. Each layer can be expanded to see specific changes. With this tool, you can look at every aspect of the features, from the layer name down to individual vertices, depending on the detail needed to manage your data. 

When comparing datasets, it can sometimes be difficult to discern the differences between the two. Click the View button to open the data viewer. This will open two viewers to display both datasets and allow for easy visual comparison. Select a feature in the management list to see it selected in the mobile viewer.

One file is labeled “TO” and the other is labeled “FROM”. Because both files are being merged, you can just think of these labels as file distinctions instead of destinations.

Right-clicking on a feature or layer will display the Keep TO or Keep FROM option. This will only appear when the feature is different in each file. This manual option lets you decide which feature will be kept. If there is a feature in one file that should be deleted, use the option to Keep the other file. 

Download a free 14-day trial of Global Mapper Pro v24.1 today!  To test out Global Mapper Mobile, download the free app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store! If you enjoyed this blog, you might also find these other resources useful:

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