May 5, 2020

Global Mapper is Now RDP-Enabled — Because Remote Work is the New Normal

Written by: Cíntia Miranda, Director of Marketing


The Coronavirus has changed the way we work and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This pandemic crisis is forcing most of us into more flexible work arrangements. Companies have set up work-from-home initiatives, maintaining business continuity and productivity until the virus threat passes. Over recent months, many professionals have moved their workspace from their offices to their homes. While it can be chaotic for some people with children running around the house or attending online classes as they try to maintain the same level of work productivity, remote work will remain the norm for at least the next few months.

Here at Blue Marble Geographics, we’re also becoming more accustomed to working remotely. We recognize how technology plays a huge role in helping us maintain our productivity at the level we had while working together in the office. We’re also aware of the fact that budgets are being cut due to the economic setback created by the Coronavirus outbreak. Thus, your GIS tasks still need to get done; but for less, and without compromising the quality of your work. We understand the challenges our users are facing because we are facing similar challenges. That’s why we recently made our Single User Floating License RDP-enabled.

The RDP(remote desktop protocol) enabled license of Global Mapper is the perfect solution to help you maintain a high level of productivity in an off-site work environment. It offers the best GIS software value — a high-quality, reliable, and secure application with unmatched customer service for only $899, a fraction of the cost of any competing GIS software.

If you currently have a Single User Node-Locked License, you can upgrade to a Single User Floating License for a fee. If you’re not a Global Mapper user yet, download a 14-day free trial to find out what you can accomplish with Global Mapper.  For more information, please contact

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