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Customized GIS Training

To help you get the most out of your investment, Blue Marble is pleased to offer customized GIS training in the form of classroom-based on-site training as well as instructor-led online sessions. The class content can be adapted to meet the specific needs, data types, and output requirements of your company and can be delivered at your location on your schedule.

GIS Training Topics

  • Applied Geodesy and Geographic Calculator Training
  • Global Mapper and LiDAR Module Training
  • Developer Training

Applied Geodesy and Geographic Calculator Training

This course can be designed to address the common geodetic workflows in your company and covers the necessary administrative components of the software as well as the end user requirements. In preparing for the class, the instructor will consult with your company’s IT and data management staff to ensure the content is relevant and appropriate. The course will cover such themes as customizing and filtering the datasource; creating custom conversion and transformation jobs; best practices in file and workspace management; and, if necessary, a primer on the principles of geodesy.

Global Mapper and Lidar Processing Training

Given the wide ranging capabilities of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro, a custom course is the best way for your company or organization to optimize your use of the software. It is typically recommended that a custom course begins with an introduction to the core functionality of the software including loading and exporting files, settings and options, workspace management, and basic interface navigation. After that, the course content is dictated by the needs and requirements of those being trained, which can include both standard Global Mapper functionality as well the more advanced tools in Global Mapper Pro. A common theme in many custom training classes is workflow optimization and streamlining, including such topics as batch processing and scripting. If feasible, a custom class can also incorporate samples of the specific datasets that you will be using in the software. If you are interested in a customized Global Mapper class, please complete this questionnaire indicating your preferred time frame and course content requirements.

Developer Training

Training on Blue Marble’s Developer Tools can be arranged and customized on demand. The course includes instruction on how best to implement Blue Marble software developer tools, custom sample code, project management, shortcuts and tips for coding with Blue Marble software. Some developers have also request geodesy training along with their SDK training and the courses have been customized to meet those needs.


Costs vary based on the number of students, delivery method, and software applications involved. Please review our Refund Policy before purchase.

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To request a custom on-site or web-based training session, complete the online request form.

For more information, email or call 1-207-622-4622.

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