March 3, 2020

Get access to Blackbeard online oil and gas data from Global Mapper 21.1

On February 19, 2020, Blue Marble Geographics® released version 21.1 of Global Mapper®. The release included many new software features, including subscription-based access to Blackbeard Data — an online data service for accessing pipeline, well, and lease information.

Blackbeard Data is primarily known for providing information to assist institutional professionals and independent investors in the acquisition of mineral assets, specifically buying oil and gas royalties.  Blackbeard Data maintains the world’s largest database of oil and gas royalty owners and the world’s largest database of oil and gas comparables built from oil auction histories, which is invaluable to many users of Global Mapper in the energy sector.

Version 21.1 of Global Mapper introduces BlackBeard Data as part of its extensive online data portal. This subscription-based service is available through an intuitive interface, enabling users to seamlessly transfer and analyze oil and gas data from Blackbeard Data to Global Mapper, saving time and effort.

Users of Global Mapper can now access Blackbeard data by following these five easy steps:

  1. Press the Connect to Online Data button in the File toolbar or File Menu
  2. Navigate to PREMIUM CONTENT > Blackbeard Oil and Gas Data
    Select a sub-layer of interest
  3. Enter your API key or visit
Blackbeard Data Dialogue Box on Global Mapper V21.1
  1. Specify the desired data bounds, then press connect.
  2. Use the Info tool to get info about WMS or WMTS layers, or open the Attribute Editor to view attributes for the vector WFS layers.
Blackbeard Data Screen View in Global Mapper V21.1

Upgrade now to version 21.1 of Global Mapper to have direct access to Blackbeard Data (with a premium subscription) — the world’s largest database of oil and gas. For more information on how to acquire version 21.1 of Global Mapper visit For more information on how to acquire Blackbeard Data premium subscription visit

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