March 31, 2021

Celebrating the Women of Blue Marble Geographics

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we would like to take a moment to introduce you to some of the women of Blue Marble Geographics! We asked them to share what they do at Blue Marble and what they like most about their jobs. Here is what they had to say: 

  • Deva Fagan, Senior Software Developer

I came to Blue Marble with a background in both computer science and mathematics, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to put all my skills to work here! In my software development role, I create and maintain the code that handles the many coordinate conversions and datum transformations available in our products. I appreciate the challenges of my work and the friendly and supportive team I’m a part of!


  • Danielle Caron, Operations Manager

I joined Blue Marble in 2008 and have enjoyed being a part of the journey as the company has evolved into the amazing company it is today. It has been so exciting to hire and work side by side with so many professionals that develop and support the cutting-edge products we offer.  As the Operations Manager, I look for projects that help out other Maine companies, promote tech in the state, and work to keep young people in Maine by hiring promising local graduates when possible.


  • Stephanie Martini, Quality Assurance Manager

I joined Blue Marble in 2014 as a Quality Assurance(QA) Technician. Now I am the manager of the QA team, a great group of people with a wide variety of skills, and educational backgrounds. I come from a background in 3D art and design, and my experience does not go to waste at this company. I not only do QA for the 3D view in Global Mapper, but I am given the freedom to help guide its development alongside the Product Managers and our 3D Developer.


  • Jessica Vachon, Office Manager

Blue Marble Geographics and I will soon be working on our 8th trip around the sun together.  As the office manager, I have a unique position where I get to interact with customers, vendors, partners, and almost everyone on our team.  I have had the pleasure of sending our team around the world and all coming back safely and usually with some type of interesting travel story.  I look forward to hearing about those adventures again.  When I’m not working you can find me either walking, feeding, petting, cuddling or playing with my dog.


  • Katrina Schweikert

I have been at Blue Marble for over 5 years and am a Product Manager. Working for Blue Marble has allowed me to travel all over the world which is a dream for any geographer.


  • Carrie Strauch, Sales Support Specialist

I have been with Blue Marble Geographics for a little over 5 years.  I enjoy interacting with customers from all over the world.  It is fascinating to see how many different people use Global Mapper in so many ways.  When I am not working at Blue Marble Geographics, you can usually find me in my barn, hanging out with my horse,  Joker. 


  • Rachael Landry, Marketing Assistant

When I joined the Sales Team in 2016, I did not have a background in GIS. I had years of experience in customer service and a determination to learn the software. Over the next five years, I’ve moved to the marketing department, I’ve had the opportunity to travel with the company, and I was able to talk to our customers. One of the many things that I do at Blue Marble is talking to people, which sounds like a small thing, but it is important to know what a customer or co-worker is thinking.


  • Mackenzie Mills, Application Specialist 

I joined the Blue Marble team a little over two years ago. Working on the technical support team I enjoy the opportunities to interact with customers and see the creative ways in which they use the Global Mapper program. After focusing on geography and GIS in college, I am happy to have found a supportive company that allows me to keep working in GIS and continuously expand my knowledge and understanding.


  • Cíntia Miranda, Director of Marketing

I lead a dynamic team dedicated to building strategic marketing campaigns focused on brand recognition, lead generation, and worldwide market growth. I love my job and enjoy working with my colleagues in other departments and learning from them. What I like most about this job is that I learn something new every day! I am also very proud to be in a company comprised of so many smart women!


  • Amanda Lind, Technical Support Specialist

In grad school at Oklahoma State (Go Pokes!) I discovered a passion for working with the technical side of GIS software. When the Technical Support position became available in 2020 I jumped at the opportunity to both work with GIS software, and interact with customers on a daily basis. I love working at Blue Marble, living in beautiful Maine, and contributing to the GIS community through Global Mapper. 


  • Haley Brown, Technical Content Writer

I joined the Marketing department at the beginning of 2021, coming from the environmental consultant sector with a heavy background in GIS. Since pursuing my undergrad, I have always enjoyed GIS and wanted to be in a position where I utilized my geospatial knowledge. At Blue Marble, I write about, and use, our products to explain how they work to customers in the form of blogs and videos. I really enjoy sharing our cutting-edge technology with others and exhibiting the fantastic things that can be done with what we offer. 


Blue Marble Geographics is an equal opportunity employer. Take a look at our career opportunities and consider joining our team!

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