October 18, 2022

Data Sharing between Global Mapper Desktop and Global Mapper Mobile

Written by: Amanda Lind


Over the last few version releases, Global Mapper has seen many improvements in the different ways data can be exchanged between the desktop and mobile applications. Users have always been able to export mobile package files to be transferred and opened on their mobile device in the app. The v23.1 release added the ability to transfer data between the desktop version and a mobile device via WiFi. Now, as an extension to that workflow, version 24 provides a way to review and merge files. 

Global Mapper Mobile is an iOS and Android application that lets users take a slice of Global Mapper’s extensive processing and data management powers out into the field for reference and data collection. The free, standard version, lets users map and save data in the field using the device’s location services. To connect to an external GNSS unit, users can update to the Pro version for an annual subscription. Along with GPS compatibility, the Pro version boasts the ability to create Viewsheds from elevation data, measure Terrain Volume, connect to Online Data sources, and more. 

For more information on how to create data and use it in Global Mapper Mobile, take a peek at this blog:


Sharing data from Desktop to Mobile 

Data created in Global Mapper desktop can be sent to a mobile device via a few different methods. 

If the mobile device isn’t able to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as the desktop machine, the data can be manually exported as a Global Mapper Mobile Package file (.gmmp) from the Mobile Data Management Tool. In the export dialog, users are presented with a few settings to fine-tune the export, including projection and tiling options. To help limit file size, the Online Data Export Options let the user limit the zoom tile that is to be exported. 

If the mobile device and the desktop are connected to the same Wi-Fi, the Mobile Data Management tool also supports direct transfer over WiFi. Once connected to a device, The dialog will display all GMMP files currently present on the device and allow the user to add and delete files. Exporting a Mobile package file using the Data Management tool will still provide all the same export options and it will automatically save it to the connected device. 

Mobile data management tool in Global Mapper

Merging file updates from different users 

What happens if multiple users are sent into the field to update the same dataset? Before v24.0, after the data collection had finished, the edited data would need to be manually combined into one file to prevent duplicates and overwritten changes. In the updated Mobile Data Management tool, available in Global Mapper Pro v24, the Import File option allows you to review, approve, or reject any changes to the dataset that have been made in the field. 

You can load two files at a time to assess and decide which information should be kept in the final output. This could be comparing 2 field versions, or a field version to an original. When the files are loaded, a full list of all layers contained in the datasets will be displayed. Each layer can be expanded to see specific changes. With this tool, you can look at every aspect of the features, from the layer name down to individual vertices, depending on the detail needed to manage your data. 

Mobile data management tool to compare mobile data layers
When the files are loaded, a full list of all layers contained in both datasets will be displayed.

The Keep All button will merge the two files together and display green arrows to show which files are going to be kept. The merged file is then exported as a GMMP file. Data can then be seen and processed in Global Mapper desktop. This tool improves on the mobile data workflow, from creating the data in-house, sending it into the field, and assembling it into a finished product. 

Download a free 14-day trial of Global Mapper Pro v24 today!  To test out Global Mapper Mobile, download the free app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store today! If you enjoyed this blog, you may also find these other resources useful:

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