August 21, 2023

Blue Marble Training Programs

Written by: David McKittrick


At the risk of inadvertently opening a philosophical can of worms, let’s begin this blog article with a question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Whoever coined this oft-used phrase was alluding to the notion that if one is unaware of something, for all intents and purposes, it does not exist. What does this have to do with training, you say? Don’t worry, we’re getting there.

Many Global Mapper users will confidently assert that they do not need to attend a training class because they already know how to use the software. To put it another way, they know what they know, but perhaps more importantly, they don’t know what they don’t know. Often, these people are blissfully unaware of the full range of geospatial tools at their disposal. Meanwhile, in a nearby forest, several trees fall noiselessly to the ground.

A common and recurring observation noted by many training attendees in their post-course evaluation form is that their participation in the Blue Marble course opened their eyes to a plethora of features and functions that they were previously unaware of, and they felt empowered to use the software to its fullest ability. In a nutshell, taking the time to participate in training demonstrably increased their productivity.

Blue Marble offers an array of training opportunities for both new and experienced users of Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator. Training is available online or in-person; instructor-led or self-driven; by open enrollment or in private. Let’s take a look at these options so you can decide which is best for you and your company or organization.

Online Self-Training

Before introducing the latest addition to the Blue Marble catalog of training options, it is worth acknowledging the role of the embedded Help system, which is available from within both Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator. These indexed and searchable help files clearly outline the complete functionality of their respective software and should be considered a viable self-training resource. 

For a more interactive and participatory training experience, the recently released online Blue Marble Self-Training platform offers hands-on courses complete with simulated workflows, written instructions and video demonstrations, along with the requisite data files. At the time of release, course offerings included An Introduction to Global Mapper and An Introduction to Geographic Calculator, both of which are available at no cost. Additional self-training courses will be added in the future.

Public Instructor-Led Training

A public, open enrollment class provides a readily available opportunity to learn how to use the full range of the software’s advanced capabilities from a subject matter expert. These multi-day classes are hosted online or in person, with the schedule posted several months in advance. Participants are provided with an extensive collection of training materials, a supplementary training handout, and if required, a temporary license for the software.

For Global Mapper training, two courses are offered; one covering the core functionality of the software and the other focusing on the use of lidar or point cloud data. Attendees who complete both courses are recognized as Certified Global Mapper Users. 

For Geographic Calculator, the class begins with a detailed introduction to the principles of geodesy leading to a hands-on demonstration of these concepts using the software.

These popular classes are limited in size to facilitate instructor-attendee interaction and often fill up months in advance. Enroll today on our website

Private Training

For companies or organizations with multiple users, a private class is by far the most efficient and effective way to ensure the software will be used to its fullest potential. 

Among the advantages of a private training course is the ability to customize the content to meet the specific needs and requirements of those in attendance. This includes the ability to incorporate data or files that reflect how the software will be used. Furthermore, the class schedule can be adjusted to allow maximum participation, and the course can be conducted online or at a convenient onsite location. 

Most organizations recognize the importance of a skilled and productive workforce, and will acknowledge that time spent in training is not simply a business expense but an investment. Blue Marble also recognizes the importance of training in establishing a well-informed community of users. Users who are not only enthusiastic advocates of Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator, but who are instrumental in helping us with the continued development of these applications.

To request a custom on-site or web-based training session, complete the online request form.

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