September 5, 2023

Blue Marble Geographics Maintenance and Support Plan

Written by: Emily Hunt


Blue Marble Geographics offers a Maintenance and Support (M&S) service plan for its software products. The Maintenance and Support plan is renewed annually, and it is a separate charge from the software license.

How does the Maintenance & Support plan work?

The Maintenance and Support plan is a cost-effective way to keep your license up to date. All new purchases include one full year of Maintenance and Support. The support term begins on the date payment is made on your original purchase. 

With a current M&S plan, you will have direct access to our technical and licensing helpdesks, who are eager to assist with any questions you may have. Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade your license to the latest version along with subsequent maintenance updates (Global Mapper new releases typically occur twice a year). 

Why do I need a Maintenance & Support plan?

In order to obtain continual access to the latest version, it is critical to keep your M&S plan current. It is similar to a product warranty. While the hope is nothing will ever go wrong, we understand that unexpected technical issues can occur, such as hardware crashes, theft, or machine ID changes. With a current M&S plan, our teams will be able to assist you with simple troubleshooting, moving your license, and license recovery from system failures.*

Blue Marble strongly encourages you to keep your M&S plan current so we can support your use of the software. The M&S plan offers more than just access to the latest version; it provides ongoing software support and service. 

How do I renew my Maintenance & Support plan?

As you approach the end of your twelve-month M&S contract period, you will be contacted via email with an option to renew your support. You can easily renew online, or request a formal quote from our licensing team: To learn more about renewal costs, please visit our website.

This table represents current pricing as of publication (2023). For up-to-date pricing, see the Purchase Global Mapper page.

If you let your M&S plan lapse and decide to renew at a later date, the agreement will be retroactive to the original renewal date, beginning one year after the original purchase.

*Note:  USB dongle license replacement is not part of M&S.  If a USB dongle is lost or broken, you must purchase a replacement.  Contact us for details.

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