June 9, 2022

Applications of Global Mapper: Assessing Seagrass Restoration Actions through a Micro-Bathymetry Survey Approach (Italy, Mediterranean Sea)

Global Mapper is a program with an international presence, thanks in part to the Blue Marble partners and software resellers providing translations of the program in nine different languages. As a versatile and interoperable software tool, the translated language versions, as well as the English edition of Global Mapper, are used in business, education, and research worldwide.

Italian research institutions: Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering, National Research Council (IGAG-CNR), Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), and Earth and Marine Sciences Department of Palermo University thanks also to the sale and support of Blue Marble’s Italian partner Antonio Soriano (info@globalmapper.it) of Global Mapper Italia, shared a study in which Global Mapper was used for seagrass restoration research using very high-resolution bathymetric data collection and analysis. The article, Assessing Seagrass Restoration Actions through a Micro-Bathymetry Survey Approach (Italy, Mediterranean Sea), utilizes many equipments and geospatial software tools, including Global Mapper to analyze, merge and compare high-resolution bathymetric data collection, 3D reconstruction, data rectification, and advanced analysis to assess and monitor seagrass restoration efforts in the Mediterranean Sea.

Check out the available article in the MDPI Water journal to learn more about this research and how Global Mapper aided in data visualization and analysis. If you would like to explore Global Mapper for use in your own work, download a 14-day free trial today!

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