Blue Marble Academic Webinar Recording Request

Explore the Global Mapper Academic Curriculum

This webcast features a new lab on the Pixels-to-Points® tool for processing drone or UAV collected imagery. Learn how to introduce your students to the use of drones in GIS with ready-to-go lab data and instructions. With the LiDAR Module, your students will learn how to create 3D point clouds, orthoimages, 3D models, and digital elevation models from pre-collected UAV images.

In this webcast you'll also learn:
  • Information about the academic licensing program
  • How to request Global Mapper's academic labs
  • How to use our academic labs, including our latest lab on using the drone data mentioned above
  • Details about the Blue Marble Academic Scholarship to share with your students!

About Blue Marble Geographics' Academic Programs

Blue Marble Geographics® offers institutes of higher education in the U.S. and Canada* free access to their renowned GIS and geodetic software, Global Mapper® and Geographic Calculator®. Colleges and universities have an opportunity to deploy both applications for classroom teaching, hands-on lab instruction, and personal student use, at no cost. The software can be freely installed in a classroom or lab as well as on students' personal computers.

To learn more about Blue Marble's Academic Licensing Program, please visit the FAQ page.