Blue Marble Academic Month

At Blue Marble, we are committed to ensuring that tomorrow’s geospatial professionals are given access to the resources that will help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Over the last number of years, we have implemented a series of initiatives to help both faculty and students overcome some of the challenges inherent in teaching and learning the principles of GIS and geospatial technology. These initiatives include no- or low-cost academic licensing, free curriculum materials, and an annual student scholarship program.


Watch the recording of the webinar.

During the month of February 2022, we will offer a series of resources designed to showcase Blue Mable’s academic programs and to provide useful information to faculty.


  • A webinar for GIS instructors introducing the key functionality of Global Mapper and an overview of the academic labs, which include a series of structured lessons that are freely available to all colleges and universities. Register here.
  • A blog covering the release of the new Academic Labs, which include exercises using Global Mapper Pro.
  • The announcement of the winner of the 2021 Blue Marble Academic Scholarship Program, Yu-Chun Chang, a Taiwanese Ph.D. student at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. His research combines multi-types of data to understand the submarine surface processes and assess geological hazards around the volcanic islands. Read more.

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