August 3, 2021

A Sneak Peek at Global Mapper Pro

Written by: Mackenzie Mills


Global Mapper Pro is the next step in Global Mapper development that includes all the versatility and interoperability of the base software, and incorporates exciting new and improved tools for more advanced analysis. While Global Mapper alone will still be available, the Pro version will replace the Lidar Module. With Global Mapper Pro, users will have access to all the point cloud processing tools found in the Lidar Module, but new additions to terrain processing and script editing enhance the data analysis available in the program. These new tools and updates exclusively available in Global Mapper Pro include:

A new automatic breakline extraction tool, which analyzes curvature in digital terrain models to automatically extract breaklines. Different from contour generation, this tool creates lines only at the breakpoints where there is a distinct change in elevation, rather than at a specified elevation interval.

Before Image After Image

Curvature analysis, the basis of breakline extraction, can be completed and saved as a raster layer in Global Mapper Pro.

A Global Mapper Script tool, which will help users to create, manage, and run scripts in a new dialog. A tabbed interface allows users to run and troubleshoot multiple scripts at the same time.

The integration of python scripting will support the creation, editing, and manipulation of python scripts that utilize the functionality embedded in Global Mapper. This new feature will let users interact with Global Mapper in real time using external python libraries and gives access to format and analysis functionality available inside the application within a python toolchain.

A dedicated tool for the automatic vectorization of imagery and terrain will streamline the creation of vector features from raster data. With this single tool, areas are automatically generated based on the pixel values, then simplified and smoothed all in one step. 

Updates to the Terrain Painting tool will allow users to manually modify terrain data by selecting existing vector features or painting on the terrain using a brush defined in linear unit size (meters or feet). 

Improvements to the lidar building and tree classification method produces better and faster classification for point clouds with mixed density, including terrestrial lidar and photo-generated point clouds. 

Before Image After Image
A classified point cloud is colored by classification and segmentation to show the feature types and unique features. 

With the updates to the building and vegetation classification methods, point clouds are divided into clusters, or segments, in order to identify distinct features. In Global Mapper Pro, users will be able to view and select point returns by segment to manually custom classify or edit unique features. 

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) correction support for RTK GNSS devices used with Global Mapper improves the positional accuracy of any GPS-enabled functionality within the software. With a built-in NTRIP client users can connect to the CORS network or base station for location correction.

With the GIS data and analysis constantly changing, Blue Marble strives to provide users with a cutting-edge, all-in-one geospatial program. Global Mapper Pro provides GIS users a full suite of professional-grade tools for all types of data creation, editing, and analysis. 

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