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Blue Marble GIS Training

At Blue Marble, we are pleased to offer a choice of training options to help maximize the value of your investment in our products. Whether you're a GIS professional or just starting a career that requires the use of GIS software, our training options will provide the tools you need to succeed. We offer Customized Training for groups needing specific hands-on training, classroom-based Public Training for individuals wishing to receive certification, and Self-Training for those who have travel restrictions or just wish to learn at their own pace. Contact our sales team at to determine what option is right for you.

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Customized Training

For groups needing
specific hands-on training,
in person or online

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Public Training

Certification training at
locations around the world,
see schedule

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For those with travel restrictions
or the need to learn
at your own pace

Applied Geodesy and Geographic Calculator Training

This curriculum focuses on the basics of geodesy and the application of concepts within the Geographic Calculator software. Whether you are working with basic coordinate conversion, file translation, or complex geodetic challenges, knowing how to handle the inevitable complex translation issues that arise is of great benefit. This course is a great introduction or refresher on the principles of geodesy and coordinate transformation. Trouble spots are highlighted and techniques are employed to allow you to make informed decisions and protect the quality of your geospatial data. We leverage our unique approach to GIS software training to provide you with the fundamental concepts and skills necessary for successful, accurate, and reliable map data translation. This class is offered as an online course or can be customized for onsite classroom delivery. Contact for more information.

Global Mapper Training

This curriculum focuses on learning about and utilizing the principle features of Global Mapper. Employing a hands-on approach, this two-day class covers the key elements of the software including feature creation, cartographic rendering, 3D modelling and analysis, and data processing. The knowledge gained from this curriculum will empower you to leverage the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to operate Global Mapper at all levels, and we can even certify you as a Global Mapper trained professional.

LiDAR Module Training

This day-long class introduces the LiDAR capabilities that are enabled with the activation of the optional Global Mapper LiDAR Module. Following a series of simulated workflows, this class covers all aspects of LiDAR management and processing from filtering and editing point cloud files to surface or terrain modelling and vector extraction. The class also introduces some of the key terrain analysis tools in the software including volume calculation and change detection.