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At Blue Marble, we are pleased to offer a choice of training options to help maximize the value of your investment in our products. Both classroom-based and online instructor-led sessions are available on an open enrollment or on a customer-specific basis. Open enrollment classes are typically arranged at locations where there is a large concentration of Blue Marble software users while customer-specific classes can be organized at a location, and on a schedule, that meets the needs of those being trained.

Applied Geodesy Training

Blue Marble first offered classroom-based training for our Geographic Calculator application in 2004. Ironically the first class taught us a great deal about training. We quickly realized that many GIS professionals do not have a solid understanding of coordinate transformation, which is fundamental to Blue Marble's products. Many have never had formal geodesy training or have simply been introduced to coordinate systems as part of another course. Because of this, we took our training program back to the drawing board and developed a unique applied geodesy software training curriculum. This curriculum focuses on the basics of geodesy and the application of those concepts within Blue Marble's software. Whether you are working with coordinate conversion, raster reprojection, or complex GIS data conversion, knowing how to handle the inevitable complex mapping issues that arise is of great benefit. Knowing where the potential trouble spots are allows you to make informed decisions and protect the quality of your geospatial data.

Geographic Calculator 2014 Training

Blue Marble offers daylong Training courses on the Geographic Calculator and our software developer tools. We leverage our unique approach to GIS software training to provide you with the fundamental concepts and skills necessary for successful mapping.

    Upcoming Training Dates & Locations

    Please check back soon for new training dates and locations.

Global Mapper Training

The acquisition of Global Mapper has allowed Blue Marble to expand its training offerings and to extend its instructional expertise to a new set of customers. While Global Mapper enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an easy-to-use GIS management tool, our formal instruction program has been designed to help both new users and GIS professionals get the most out of the software while offering countless valuable tips and tricks.

    Upcoming Training Dates & Locations

    Please check back soon for new training dates and locations.

On-Site Training Sessions

To help you get the most out of your GIS investment, Blue Marble is pleased to offer on-site training for your convenience. Blue Marble offers training on Applied Geodesy, The Geographic Calculator Software, Global Mapper Software, and Developer Tool Kits as well as customized training. Contact your sales representative for more details.

Costs vary based on the number of students and software application involved. Please review our Refund Policy before purchase.

To request an on-site training session you may either do so online or by downloading the request form and faxing it to Blue Marble Training at (207) 622-4656. For more information email: or call 800-616-2725.

* Dates are subject to change.