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Global Energy Mapper ®


Blue Marble Geographics and Spatial Energy have teamed to offer this exclusive energy-focused module for Global Mapper. With energy specific symbols, data sets and layer options available for direct access from Global Mapper, users are able to access their Spatial on Demand imagery seamlessly to their Global Energy Mapper desktop application with the tools, terminology and symbols they demand for their energy-based projects. Global Energy Mapper also features powerful energy specific GIS tools such as the increasingly popular Site Pad placement tool, volumetric calculations, whisker line creation for seismic surveys and much more.

Global Mapper with the Global Energy Mapper module
Global Mapper with the Global Energy Mapper module

Global Mapper with the Global Energy Mapper module

Global Energy Mapper is more than just a viewer capable of displaying the most popular raster, elevation, and vector datasets. It converts, edits, prints, tracks GPS, and allows you to utilize GIS functionality on your datasets in one low cost and easy to use software package.

Global Energy Mapper 15 includes all of the improvements and enhancements to Global Mapper 15 such as a new LiDAR module with advanced LiDAR analysis functionality, a Raster Calculator under the Analysis menu for performing mathematical operations on multi-band imagery to extract different types of information, and support for 3D PDF files and E57 LiDAR files. It also includes updates specific to Global Energy Mapper such as Geographic Calculator integration. Users with a current Geographic Calculator license can activate GeoCalc in Global Mapper within the Global Energy Mapper module. Leverage the power of the GeoCalc coordinate library including unmatched coordinate transformation definitions, a direct connect to the online EPSG registry, dozens of Geoids and the ability to make an offset from a Geoid. Users of the Geographic Calculator can customize the GeoCalc datasource to meet the needs of their users or their company requirements, and then make that custom datasource available in Global Energy Mapper. Create custom coordinate systems, best fit datum transformations for engineering systems, or a custom view file to limit the coordinate objects to an area of the world of your choosing. Leverage the power of the Geographic Calculator's administrative tools to create the coordinate datasource needed and make that available in Global Energy Mapper for highly precise coordinate conversion.

View the Features list to learn more about using the GeoCalc coordinate library in Global Energy Mapper and leveraging the power of precise coordinate transformation.

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