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The following are scheduled to speak at the BMUC event in Pittsburgh on October 25:

Tracy McLane
GIS Manager
Bechtel Infrastructure

Presentation: Development of a Vertical Adjustment Model for Modeling Local Geoids Using Blue Marble Tools

Presenter Bio: Tracy McLane is the GIS Manager for Bechtel Infrastructure, where she also serves as the GIS Technical Discipline Lead for the company. She was named as one of Bechtel's Distinguished Scientists in 2012 and is responsible for the development of the GIS Technical Center of Excellence for Bechtel and has implemented an Enterprise GIS database and centralized GIS Knowledge Bank for the Bechtel GIS user community. Ms. McLane holds a Masters of Science degree in Geography from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Presentation Abstract: This presentation will cover the development of a vertical adjustment model for shifting LiDAR ellipsoidal heights to local geoid heights using the Blue Marble Geographic Calculator and Global Mapper tools. Since there is not yet an industry published geoid model for some parts of the world, no vertical shift files have been developed for use in the Blue Marble Geographic Calculator for the local geoid in these countries. Therefore, the use of local geodetic control benchmark data, along with the public literature, can be used to develop and validate the vertical adjustment model. The example used in this case study used the Blue Marble Geographic Calculator, the Blue Marble Geographic Global Mapper and the Esri ArcGIS Desktop software.

The case study to illustrate this was used to prepare LiDAR data for a project site in Saudi Arabia, using the Saudi Arabian Deputy Ministry for Land and Surveying (MOMRA) control stations and the Permanent Reference Markers (PRM) as the basis for the validation. The LIDAR data were transformed from WGS 1984 ellipsoidal heights to the intermediate vertical reference of the EGM 2008 geoid using the Geographic Calculator, as a study "Refinement of Geoid in Saudi Arabia using GNSS/Benchmark Data with EGM 1996 and EGM 2008" determined that local orthometric heights in Saudi Arabia more closely resemble the EGM 2008 geoid as opposed to the EGM 1996 geoid (2009, Alrajhi, M., R. Yanar, M. Hawarey, and A. Alomar). The Global Mapper software was used to perform batch data conversion to and from .LAS data format, which was required as input and output data formats to several of the spatial analysis processes used to develop the vertical adjustment model.

The vertical offsets between the vertically adjusted LiDAR data and the MOMRA and PRM control elevations yielded statistically acceptable results, with most of the residuals imperceptible to the third and four decimal places. The LiDAR analysis results were also compared to other existing topography and digital orthophotography datasets developed in the region as a second means of validation.


Ron Chapple
GEO1, the Aerial Survey Division of Aerial Filmworks

Presentation: Demonstration of GEOLook, a Custom Video Extension for Global Mapper

Presenter Bio: Ron Chapple, CEO, GEO1: The Aerial Survey Division of Aerial Filmworks evolved into aerial sensing and survey from the aerial videography world. Ron's extensive background in photography and cinema, combined with a passion for technology and desire for innovative solutions, provided the framework for developing a new approach to use of airborne video for corridor surveillance. Ron's company, Aerial Filmworks, was the first to build a hardware device to simultaneously overlay geo-position, date/time, and aircraft information on HD Video while synching the video with GPS time-code. Ron continues to work in the dual world of cinema for clients including National Geographic, BBC, PBS, and Universal Studios, along with highly visible electrical and gas/oil transmission companies who share the same need for high quality aerial sensors and file management.

Presentation Abstract: GEO1 uses Global Mapper on a daily basis in both the pre-acquisition and analysis phases of their "One Pass Solution" for electric and oil/gas surveys. GEO1 worked with Blue Marble to build GEOLook, a custom video extension, to view the flight path and video frame view in Global Mapper. Ron Chapple will demonstrate how GEOLook is used as a real-time in the aircraft, and in the post-production phase.




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