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Blue Marble User Conference Speakers

Presentations from Blue Marble users from many different industries and locations including:

Ron Chapple
GEO1, the Aerial Survey Division of Aerial Filmworks

Presentation: TBD

Speaker Bio: Ron Chapple, CEO, GEO1: The Aerial Survey Division of Aerial Filmworks evolved into aerial sensing and survey from the aerial videography world. Ron's extensive background in photography and cinema, combined with a passion for technology and desire for innovative solutions, provided the framework for developing a new approach to use of airborne video for corridor surveillance. Ron's company, Aerial Filmworks, was the first to build a hardware device to simultaneously overlay geo-position, date/time, and aircraft information on HD Video while synching the video with GPS time-code. Ron continues to work in the dual world of cinema for clients including National Geographic, BBC, PBS, and Universal Studios, along with highly visible electrical and gas/oil transmission companies who share the same need for high quality aerial sensors and file management.


Additional speakers to be announced.

Interested in presenting at the 2017 Blue Marble User Conference? View our Call for Papers page for more information.

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