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Blue Marble User Conference Archive

Presenters at previous Blue Marble User Conference events have included:

Photo of Anthony D. Beach

Anthony D. Beach

Professional Engineer & Certified Floodplain Manager
BSP Engineers, Inc.

2016 BMUC Presentation: Global Mapper Workflows for the Civil Engineering Profession

Speaker Bio: Anthony D. Beach has over 25 years of experience as a private consultant. He has recently become an avid user of Blue Marble's Global Mapper. Mr. Beach has taught college based civil technology. His courses have been based upon software such as ESRI ArcMap and Autodesk Civil 3D 2014. Most recently Mr. Beach has embraced the technology and capabilities offered by Global Mapper.

Mr. Anthony D. Beach is a Professional Engineer and a Certified Floodplain Manager. He has been a partner in BSP Engineers, Inc. for the past 25 years. Mr. Beach has been involved in the design and production of 100's of civil projects. The last 10 years Mr. Beach has concentrated on serving the municipal government market.

Photo of Ron Chapple

Ron Chapple

GEO1, the Aerial Survey Division of Aerial Filmworks

2016 BMUC Presentation: Demonstration of GEOLook, a Custom Video Extension for Global Mapper

Speaker Bio: Ron Chapple, CEO, GEO1: The Aerial Survey Division of Aerial Filmworks evolved into aerial sensing and survey from the aerial videography world. Ron's extensive background in photography and cinema, combined with a passion for technology and desire for innovative solutions, provided the framework for developing a new approach to use of airborne video for corridor surveillance.

Ron's company, Aerial Filmworks, was the first to build a hardware device to simultaneously overlay geo-position, date/time, and aircraft information on HD Video while synching the video with GPS time-code. Ron continues to work in the dual world of cinema for clients including National Geographic, BBC, PBS, and Universal Studios, along with highly visible electrical and gas/oil transmission companies who share the same need for high quality aerial sensors and file management.

Photo of Mike Haden

Mike Haden

VP Product Development

2016 BMUC Presentation: EnergyIQ's Trusted Data Manager and the Technical and Business Benefits Provided by the Blue Marble Library

Speaker Bio: Mike Haden has over 30-years' experience in Application Development, Project and Product Management. Throughout his career, he has delivered complex data analysis tools to the demanding Canadian oil and gas industry at firms such as Reuters, Sterne Stackhouse, IHS, and EnergyIQ. Mike's role as the VP Product Development at EnergyIQ and the chief developer of the Trusted Data Manager (TDM) application suite positions him well to comment on the benefits of integrating the Blue Marble tools into commercial software development projects.

Photos of Jenn Kerry and Matthew Peloquin

Jenn Kerry and Matthew Peloquin

Geomatics and Photogrammetric Trainers

2016 BMUC Presentation: Integrating Global Mapper into Aerial Image Processing

Speaker Bio: Jenn Kerry joined Pictometry's team in 2013 as a Geomatics Specialist and is now a Geomatics Trainer. Matthew Peloquin is a Photogrammetric Trainer at Pictometry International Corp., where he works exclusively on their high-end AccuPLUS product.

Geomatics is a high throughput production environment with over 85 employees who use Blue Marble products every day. Proprietary software that relies on GeoCalc forms the backbone of everything that is created and Global Mapper's robust tools are used extensively for product construction, refinement and quality control. As trainers in Geomatics, Matthew and Jenn provide technical support and continuing education as well as process improvement implementation by testing and troubleshooting software and workflows for the group.

Matthew received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2010. Jenn Kerry has 9 years of GIS experience. She received a graduate GIS certificate from UMASS Boston in 2011 and she is pursuing coursework towards a Masters in Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado in Denver.

Photo of Tracy McLane

Tracy McLane

GIS Manager
Bechtel Infrastructure

2016 BMUC Presentation: Development of a Vertical Adjustment Model for Modeling Local Geoids Using Blue Marble Tools

Speaker Bio: Tracy McLane is the GIS Manager for Bechtel Infrastructure, where she also serves as the GIS Technical Discipline Lead for the company. She was named as one of Bechtel's Distinguished Scientists in 2012 and is responsible for the development of the GIS Technical Center of Excellence for Bechtel and has implemented an Enterprise GIS database and centralized GIS Knowledge Bank for the Bechtel GIS user community. Ms. McLane holds a Masters of Science degree in Geography from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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