Window Docking

Starting in Global Mapper v19.0 many of the common floating windows may be docked into separate panes within the main application window. Docking may also include tabbed panes.

To dock a window click and hold and drag it over the application window until arrows appear. Release the mouse over any of the arrows or the center tab control to dock the window in that section.

To un-dock the window drag the top bar of the window out of the frame, or press the close button (X) on the top right corner of the pane.

Alternately use the Full Screen button to un-dock the window and make it full-screen.

With the Application Look set to Flat Gray, no arrows for docking will appear. The docking drop-zone will be indicated with a gray outline when the floating window is dragged to an edge. The Flat Gray Application Look also has a context menu

Types of Dockable Windows

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